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Chrome Cleanup Tool

Chrome Cleanup Tool is a light-weight, integrated tool made by Google for Chrome users. This feature program can be run directly from the browser settings itself. Running Chrome Cleanup Tool scans the browser and removes any unwanted add-ons or extensions it may find. Read more »

TSMART for Mac – Free Adware Scanner Download

TSMART or AdwareMedic is an AppleScript program designed specifically to remove malicious programs from Mac systems. Use this program at your own risk. The author and this web site will not be liable for any damages or lost program that TSMART may cause. Read more »

Norton Power Eraser – Free Scanner Download

Norton Power Eraser is a handy tool that is readily available anytime to get rid of computer malware. This virus removal program was made for Windows users and was designed using the same scanning engine that powers most of Norton and Symantec anti-virus products. Read more »