Combo Cleaner (Mac) – Download and Installation

Combo Cleaner is a recommended application to eliminate adware, browser hijackers, Trojans, and other malware from Mac computers. This program uses an enterprise-level antivirus scan engine, which ensures that no rogue programs are left behind after running a scan and all the detected threats will be successfully eliminated.

The application is straight-forward and easy to use. After launching Combo Cleaner users can click on the Start Combo Scan button, which will initiate a simultaneous scan of malware, junk files, big files, duplicate files, and privacy issues. Cleaning up the detected issues will eliminate malware and adware infections, speed up your Mac, and free up valuable disk space. If you are dealing with browser hijackers, adware, or potentially unwanted applications, then Combo Cleaner is the best solution to get rid of them.

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Features of Combo Cleaner for Mac:

Disk Cleaner – eliminates junk files that accumulate over time and take up valuable disk space.

Big Files Finder – lists all the files that take up a lot of disk space. After reviewing the list users can decide if they want to keep or remove the files.

Duplicate files finder – lists all the duplicate files detected on the user’s computer; removing the exact copies of your files can save a lot of disk space.

Antivirus – enterprise level antivirus scan engine detects and removes browser hijackers, adware, malware, Trojans, spyware, and any other malware that could infect your Mac.

Privacy Scanner – browsing the Internet leaves a lot of trails, which can cause privacy issues. A privacy scanner allows you to remove cache files, cookies, search history, etc.

Uninstaller – every application that you install on your Mac leaves additional files if you remove them by dragging and dropping their icon to the trash can. Using Uninstaller, Mac users can completely remove applications from their operating systems.

How to Download and Use Combo Cleaner for Mac

Disclaimer: By downloading and using this tool, you are considered to have read the owner’s disclaimer and agreed to the terms and conditions as declared on the official web site.

1. Download the tool from the following link:

Button Image to Download Combo Cleaner

2. Double-click the downloaded file.

3. In the opened window, drag and drop the Combo Cleaner icon onto your Applications folder icon.

Image of Combo Cleaner App

4. Open your Launchpad and click on the Combo Cleaner icon.

5. Wait until antivirus downloads its latest virus definition updates and click on “Start Combo Scan“.

Image of Combo Cleaner Scanner

6. Free features of Combo Cleaner include Disk Cleaner, Big Files Finder, Duplicate Files Finder, and Uninstaller. To use antivirus and privacy scanners, users have to upgrade to a premium version.

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