Chona Esjay

A malware fighter and virus hunter that also work as IT consultant specializing in computer security. She founded in 2013 to help computer users in solving virus and malware problems with ease. “No complex explanation, just straightforward malware removal.”

Remove Pop-up Ads

Questionable website like is not a commendable place for internet users. The site is implicated in certain illegal online activities and unfairl marketing approaches. During the first to mentioned website, it prompts user that “ wants to show notifications.”

Remove Pop-up is a deceptive webpage that depends its widespread deployment on the social engineering method to lure online users to enable push notifications on their internet browser program. The purpose behind this crucial need to obtain web user permission to enable pop-up notification is basically to generate online revenue through ad display.

Remove Silver Sparrow – Mac Adware

Silver Sparrow for Mac OS is categorized as potentially unwanted application (PUA). Its entry on the computer is often without permission from user. By using different tricky techniques, makers of Silver Sparrow app were able to persuade web users into accessing the carrier of this malicious browser extension.

How to Remove ProtocolPort (Mac)

ProtocolPort is a threat for browser application that is operating on Mac OS environment. Its objective is to redirect the browser to a custom search engine and utilize it as the new default setup. While ProtocolPort is in command of the search, web user may not be able to attain the same informative search result.

Remove AthenaSearch (Mac OS)

AthenaSearch is a suspicious application for Mac and in accordance with its description; it can improve on-line search and user browsing experience. However, there are reports that this program implements a forced entry on the Mac computer and imposes its features on the Internet browser program.

Remove RunningUpdater – Mac Adware

Several web installation program are the common means for RunningUpdater to be incorporated on the Mac computer. Though, in order to carry out with unnoticed and full installation, the initiator file must be executed by users and to accomplish this, said applet is deployed in various ways and on different online locations.

How to Remove PortalAgent (Mac)

Browser redirects and pop-ups are normally caused by adware infection that is interfering with the internet browser program. The adware is also the culprit for making the homepage to open up on an unwanted web address and search engine.

Clman Ransomware – Virus Removal Guide

Cyber hoodlums created Clman ransomware as an instrument for money extortion. This virus is one of the so many file-coder or crypto-virus that currently prowls on the web. Online users may get hold of this Clman virus when visiting dubious websites and downloading applications from the mentioned sources.

Remove Four Ransomware – Virus Removal

Four ransomware is a computer virus that cyber scammers use to blackmail computer users and ask them for cash. The notorious Four ransomware is capable of penetrating the computer while employing different tactics, which take advantage of connected online computers.

How to Remove PostiveSearchGuide (Mac)

PostiveSearchGuide may appear like a valid search engine at first look. But behind it is a malevolent intent of adware makers to exploit victim’s browser application to illicitly gain online profit. It was made to purposely issue advertisements and paid links on the browser pages.