Chona Esjay

A malware fighter and virus hunter that also work as IT consultant specializing in computer security. She founded in 2013 to help computer users in solving virus and malware problems with ease. “No complex explanation, just straightforward malware removal.”

Remove AccessibleSearchEngine (Mac OS)

AccessibleSearchEngine serves as browser extension that claims to enhance online browsing experience and let user benefits from its accurate and fast online search results.

How to Remove ExtendedField (Mac)

Another adware that is targeting Mac computers is called ExtendedField. Some users may consider this as useful browser extension because it is the way that creators are describing this app.

Remove OpticalRatePro – Mac OS Adware

OpticalRatePro app belongs to adware family where it presents unwanted advertisements in the form of pop-ups or campaign banners into computer. This adware was made to infect Mac devices and make its operations possible by accomplishing unauthorized changes on internet software settings.

Remove Saverswasted Ransomware

Saverswasted is a computer threat that is under the category of ransomware. The actual payload of this crypto-virus is to lock majority of computer user’s files and deny their access to important data. Saverswasted uses a complex encryption method to scramble the target files and at the same time, it appends it with .saverswasted file …

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Rejg Ransomware – Virus Removal

If files on the computer are exhibiting a different format such as .rejg file extension, it only confirms that computer is infected with a variant of a hazardous ransomware. Rejg ransomware accomplishes stealth installation using different tactics like spam email campaign, cracked software, drive-by-download, software vulnerabilities, botnets, and so on.

Remove Pop-up Ads is a questionable domain that serves as platform for distributing malicious advertisements. Its primary objective is to seek approval from web users into allowing the push notification feature of internet software, which makes as one of the trusted producer of pop-ups.

Remove OperativeBitUnit from Mac OS

It is a reality that adware is part of the online cycle and both PC and Mac users are vulnerable to this threat. It is just easy to catch one whether web user is simply browsing the internet or downloading applications from their favorite provider.

Remove Pop-up Ads

Seeing an alert of web browser stating that “No internet connection. Please click allow to fix your internet connection.” Is just a tactic by cyber crooks to deceive web users. This is a technique coming from malicious website in order to persuade web users to activate the push notification feature.

How to Remove Universal Field (Mac)

Universal Field is a distrustful app for internet browsers made to work for Mac computers. It is considered both as adware and potentially unwanted application (PUA). The method in which it can get access on Mac computer involves deceitful techniques and forcible entry.

Remove FlexibleSector from Mac

Mac computer users become an easy target for FlexibleSector adware because it is embedded on attractive freeware that they often download from online sources. If the host is a distrustful one, chances are, Mac user may acquire the maliciously modified version of the freeware where FlexibleSector is integrated.