Chona Esjay

A malware fighter and virus hunter that also work as IT consultant specializing in computer security. She founded in 2013 to help computer users in solving virus and malware problems with ease. “No complex explanation, just straightforward malware removal.”

Remove ProductionElements (Mac OS)

ProductionElements conceals as a legitimate browser extension, which is suppose to enhance the browsing experience of users by providing useful and safe results. Nonetheless, ProductionElements is considered as an adware that infects Mac computers and popular internet software like Google Chrome and Safari.

Remove DeluxeSolutions (Mac Adware)

DeluxeSolutions app is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) or also dubbed as a browser hijacker. Its objective for infiltrating Mac computer is to redirect pages to sponsored websites and generate revenue from this invasive act.

Hgsh Ransomware – Virus Removal

The discovery of Hgsh only reveals that its origin, STOP ransomware family is continuously developing new variants day after day. Sometimes, the malware groups proved to circulate even two editions in a single release like in the case of Wnlu and Yqal, which were concurrently deployed over the internet.

How to remove FastWeb

FastWeb is a homepage hijacker that is associated with questionable browser extension. Some features it has to show off are online speed tests, news, and quick links to partner’s websites. Other than these common functions, which are also available on other legitimate homepage, FastWeb has nothing valuable to offer.

Remove or Horoscope Zone is a homepage hijacker that is clever in penetrating a computer in a discreet manner. Creator of this potentially unwanted program (PUP) is engaged in various techniques to spread the malicious code online.

Remove Pop-up Ads

If internet browser apps like Google Chrome, Edge, or Firefox are displaying a lot of advertisements and pop-ups then, it might be an indication that there is an adware or potentially unwanted program (PUP) running on the computer. Such dubious software normally triggers that kind of appearances on the browser.

Remove ParameterBuffer (Mac OS)

Ad-supported software or adware refers to applications that inject intrusive advertisements and unwanted pop-ups on the browser. One adware contaminating the Mac computer is called ParameterBuffer.

How to remove WideCluster (Mac)

WideCluster app is one example of adware application that exhibits pop-ups and advertisements on the browser. WideCluster generated ads are usually in different types such as coupons, in-text ads, pop-up ads, redirects, or campaign banners.

Remove CompactFilter from Mac

Adware applications are malicious software contaminating Mac computer machines. CompactFilter is one very good example that belongs to this family of threat. Mac computers function and browser operations may change due to CompactFilter installation.

Remove WebSearchBoard (Mac Adware)

The moment WebSearchBoard adware reaches Mac computer, it immediately attacks the browser application, especially Google Chrome and Safari internet app. There will be no indication that this unwanted program is executing the installation because attackers designed this process to be discreet.