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Remove Rapid-find.net Hijacker

Rapid-find.net is a doubtful search provider that can have corrupt influence on popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. User may unintentionally make this as default homepage when they clicked on deceiving pop-up messages that set off modification on browser settings. Read more »

How to Remove Maps 360 Pro

Google Chrome browser extension called Maps 360 Pro is another addition to the list of potentially unwanted program (PUP). This one claims to be unique by providing free maps and user-friendly navigation tools right at the homepage and new tab window. Read more »

Remove MyPersonalPDF Ads

Google Chrome extension MyPersonalPDF Ads claims to give users easy way of converting Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other files to PDF format. However, before user can avail this function, MyPersonalPDF Ads extension needs to be installed on the browser. Read more »

Remove BestMapFinder Ads

BestMapFinder Ads is a Google Chrome extension that asserts to provide easy location, routes, and directions. Unlike most unwanted browser extension, this tool does not change any settings on the browser. Read more »

Remove Letmesearch.net Hijacker

Letmesearch.net is a homepage redirect program made to generate online revenue at the expense of naive web users. To accomplish this main goal, this hijacker is disguising as valid search engine that claims to enhance user’s online search experience. Read more »

How to Remove Go.pagazonia.com

Browser hijacker like Go.pagazonia.com¬†was made with sole intention of generating online profit from its excessive display of advertisements. This is in contradiction to what is stated on official websites that promotes Go.pagazonia.com as a tool that enhances online search experience. Read more »

How to Remove Isearchnow.net

Browser hijacker like Isearchnow.net is known to be an annoying type of adware that is capable of accomplishing unwanted changes on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. The goal is to let the compromised browser make online revenue for its authors. Read more »

How to Remove Severe Weather Check

Severe Weather Check is a suspicious homepage that may hit popular browsers especially Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Its presence on the computer will come as surprise to some users who did not installed it intentionally. Read more »

Remove Ibrowsenow.com

Browser hijacker Ibrowsenow.com can occupy homepage if users allow relevant extension to be loaded on internet programs like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. While nearly all contamination carried out by Ibrowsenow.com is via deceptive method, some obtain this browser adware from suspicious software bundles pretending to be free tools, media players, download manager, games, and software update. Read more »