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Remove Fast Seek (Google Chrome)

Fast Seek is a Google Chrome extension that claims to enhance online browsing experience of users. Unfortunately, this program belongs to adware family that is promoting an unwanted tool called Smart Search. Read more »

Remove B-Coupon (Google Chrome)

B-Coupon is an ad-supported program that loads itself on the computer without definite permission from computer users. This unwanted installation of browser extension can be accomplished discretely through mistreatment of software bundles. Read more »

Remove Zu-Coupon (Google Chrome)

Zu-Coupon is a Google Chrome extension that professes to provide easy access to online coupons, deals, and discounts. It integrates on the browser even without user’s consent because most of the time, Zu-Coupon is bundled to freeware and third party applications. Read more »

How to Remove Clever Seek (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome browser extension called¬†Clever Seek is deemed as one of the many unwanted program that is associated with adware group. It asserts to enhance search experience by using its own engine at Smart Search. This kind of potentially unwanted program can sneak onto the computer while taking advantage of freeware currently offered by several malicious websites. Read more »

Remove Search.bravogol.com (Mac)

Strange homepage behavior like unwanted presence of Search.bravogol.com without user’s consent is a clear indication that browser is under adware attack. This illegal replacement of homepage, new tab, and search tool default values was undertaken with malicious purposes. Read more »

How to Remove Bravogol (Mac)

Bravogol is an ad-supported program that was made to operate under Macintosh environment. It specifically targets Mac-based internet applications like Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Once Bravogol is integrated onto these browsers, users may have difficulty reversing the outcome due to some hidden codes and objects it drops on various locations and folders. Read more »

Remove Allgoodfind.com Redirect

Allgoodfind.com is a browser redirect adware that purely rely on malicious browser extension to dominate popular programs like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. It can make multiple changes on the browser making the homepage, new tab, and default search tool to resolve to Allgoodfind.com. Read more »

Remove Search.mediatabtv.online

Search.mediatabtv.online is part of adware or potentially unwanted program (PUP). It gets inside the computer as browser extension that may come alongside freeware or dubious third-party applications. The minute it enters the computer, it starts redirecting web browsers to Search.mediatabtv.online. Read more »

Remove Complete System Care

Its official website claims that Complete System Care¬†can keep system working in most favorable condition . It has optimization features like junk cleaner, registry error fixer, program manager, malware protection, online privacy and security, disk defrag, and so on. Read more »

Remove Search.ci-cmf.com Hijacker

Search.ci-cmf.com is a suspicious search engine that principally targeting popular browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Users can set this as the default homepage unknowingly by just clicking on misleading pop-up messages that triggers the modification of browser settings. Read more »