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How to Remove Severe Weather Check

Severe Weather Check is a suspicious homepage that may hit popular browsers especially Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Its presence on the computer will come as surprise to some users who did not installed it intentionally. Read more »

Remove Ibrowsenow.com

Browser hijacker Ibrowsenow.com can occupy homepage if users allow relevant extension to be loaded on internet programs like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. While nearly all contamination carried out by Ibrowsenow.com is via deceptive method, some obtain this browser adware from suspicious software bundles pretending to be free tools, media players, download manager, games, and software update. Read more »

How to Remove Search.hlivetvnow.co

Search.hlivetvnow.co is a homepage, which at first look will never cause web users any doubt about its nasty intent. It is endorsed as valid and useful search engine that enhances ones online browsing experience. But in reality, sudden existence of Search.hlivetvnow.co on any internet application is an indication that adware may have gotten inside the computer. Read more »

Remove Live TV Now (Firefox, Chrome, IE)

Live TV Now is a suspicious browser extension created by the infamous SpringTech Technologies, a company responsible for making dozens of similar threats. All products from this developer offer unique features to attract web users. Read more »

How to Remove WeatherAddon

WeatherAddon is promoted as browser extension that provides quick weather update and forecast for any locations in the world. This seems to be useful if not only for the malicious intention hidden on this program. Read more »

Remove Findmysearch.net Hijacker

Findmysearch.net is a homepage redirect adware that is presented as worthy search tool just like its other variants namely 4-search.com, Search-fast.org, and many more. Because of its neat homepage interface, users may not easily discern that Findmysearch.net have malicious intent. They will only realize its utmost intention to generate online profit when Findmysearch.net starts to display excessive advertisements. Read more »

How to Remove Hogwarin (Mac)

Hogwarin downloader is promoted as a tool that have years of downloading and installing experience, that yields to faster download and optimized process. Overall, it claims as worthy tool that gives better users experience and more successful software installation. Hogwarin may look like a valid program if users are unaware of its roots. Read more »

Remove Search Web (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome extension called Search Web is part of adware group that produces many similar browser annoyances. This specific program promises to enhance online search experience of users. However, during diagnostics, it seems that it is just utilizing Yahoo Search. It means that Search Web do not have own capacity to support its claims. Read more »

Remove Services.searchtabnew.com

Services.searchtabnew.com is a suspicious homepage search engine that deceivingly overcome computer and control various settings of the affected browser program. This action may take place even without user’s approval via method called software bundling. By packing Services.searchtabnew.com to several freeware and shareware, users will never see this incoming danger. Read more »

How to Remove Maps Tab (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome browser extension named Maps Tab is considered one of the many unwanted program that belongs to family of adware. This time, it claims to provide the best and most accurate driving directions for online users. It can sneak onto the computer while taking advantage of free programs currently offered on various websites. Read more »