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Remove Com-fast-macos.live Pop-up

Com-fast-macos.live is in the list of so many misleading website that was made to trick Mac users into obtaining potentially unwanted program (PUP). Sometimes, web users are redirected to this web address if they happen to visit malicious website that runs a script to carry out the web traffic-rerouting scheme. Read more »

Remove Converter.mysearches.co (Mac and PC)

Converter.mysearches.co is a homepage hijacker that belongs to a group of adware that is targeting both PC and Mac users. It has discrete way of sneaking onto computers and integrates unwanted extension to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Read more »

Remove ConvertDocsOnline (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE)

Not so many computer users are aware that ConvertDocsOnline is not just a simple utility for online file conversion. Unfortunately, the program that is currently utilized by many for this specific purpose is also set as their homepage and search page due to browser monitoring task of ConvertDocsOnline. Read more »

Remove Email.mysearches.co (PC and Mac)

Email.mysearches.co is an unwanted search engine that claims to enhance online experience of users. Aside from main feature of giving user quick access to emails without leaving the homepage, this tool is also providing data for recent news, weather updates, current time, and so on. Read more »

Remove Search.hloginnow.net (Login Now)

It is unfortunate to see that Search.hloginnow.net (Login Now) is present on browser applications like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Attackers behind this homepage hijacker mean nothing for the benefit of end-user. Read more »

Remove Search.easyspeedtestaccess.com

Search.easyspeedtestaccess.com is a browser hijacker that may appear legitimate because it has nice and clean design just like Google homepage. This was intentionally made neat so that user may not be suspicious about its true motive. Read more »

Remove Mac Tweak (Uninstall Guide)

Mac Tweak is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) that is distributed over the internet via software bundles and malicious advertising campaign. Macintosh users may get this threat by obtaining freeware from malicious locations or questionable download sites. Read more »