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Remove Encrypted Search (encryptedsearch.org)

Encrypted Search is a questionable browser extension that can be downloaded and installed without user’s approval. Makers of this supposed search tool are utilizing several discreet ways of penetrating the computer and in most instances, they were successful via software bundling scheme. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 19, 2019

Remove Custom Search (New Tab)

Custom Search is presented as browser extension that enhances user’s online experience. It is offering easy access to change between search engines and present stunning images that can be set as browser wallpaper, which display refreshing view each time you open a new browser window. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 19, 2019

Remove BitSecure AV

Malicious advertisements masquerading as online system scanner might be another misleading page attempting to spread rogue tool called BitSecure AV. This Windows utility is classified as potentially unwanted program (PUP) because it normally gets inside the computer uninvited. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 17, 2019

Remove Domn Ransomware Virus

Domn ransomware is another variety of STOP (DJVU) malware that is aggressively infecting thousands of computer systems on daily average. The primary objective of cyber crooks who are the mastermind of this virus is to inflict fear to as many victims as it can and hostage their precious data in exchange for ransom payment. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 17, 2019

Remove Kvag Ransomware (.kvag File Infection)

Kvag is malware that is considered too hazardous compare to regular computer virus infection. Upon its entry on the computer, it can drop supplemental malicious executable files that can perform unique functions to further dominate the compromised system. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 17, 2019

Remove Universal PC Care

The product Universal PC Care appears to be a useful application for Windows computer that claims to have features like performance enhancements, software cleanup, startup cleanup, and PUP/Malware cleaner. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 17, 2019

Remove Full PC Care 2.0

Full PC Care 2.0 is questionable software claiming to be a security and enhancement tool for Windows. It is offering several promising features as Registry Cleaner, Startup Cleaner, Malware Cleaner, and so on. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 15, 2019

Remove Win Magician (Uninstall Guide)

Win Magician is adding up to the extended list of rogue security and optimization tool from PCVARK family. To reach supposed victims, makers of this threat are making use of several misleading tactics. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 15, 2019

Remove Search.onlinemanualsapptab.com

Another homepage hijacker that may override user’s internet browser settings is called Search.onlinemanualsapptab.com. It is the associated search tool for a potentially unwanted program (PUP) called Online Manuals App that has full intention of infecting known browser applications like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 14, 2019

Remove Search.logintomyemailtab.com

Search.logintomyemailtab.com is another browser hijacker from SpringTech. It can instantly replace settings on homepage and new tab only if user decided to install the associated browser extension called Login To My Email, which is commonly compatible to popular internet programs like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 13, 2019