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How to Remove QuizSafari

QuizSafari is a browser extension that diverts homepage to unwanted website that presents online quizzes, horoscopes, tarot, lifestyle, and so on. In this case, the unwanted extension aims to promote the website and make it known to many web users. Occasionally, QuizSafari produces pop-up ads while on the process of redirecting the browser. Read more »

Remove Driver Whiz (Uninstall Guide)

Unpopular Windows utility software called Driver Whiz claims that it can automatically locate and update driver for system and hardware devices. It asserts to regularly comes out with new updates that ensures trouble-free operation of the computer. Read more »

How to Remove MacShiny (Mac OS)

MacShiny is an unwanted program that normally appears on Mac computer without user’s consent. It floods the screen with various warnings and alerts. During the existence of MacShiny, it tries to trick user into thinking that computer is troubled with many issues that slows down system performance. Read more »

Remove Vudu Search (Google Chrome)

Vudu Search is an extension for Google Chrome browser that asserts to let user easily switch between favorite search engines right at homepage and new tab pages. After installation, this program will alter settings on the browser to control homepage and default search engine. Apart from custom search provider, Vudu Search will include own tool bar item for quick access. Read more »

Remove RunSpeedCheck (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome browser extension titled RunSpeedCheck is considered one of the many potentially unwanted program (PUP) that belongs to family of adware. This extension asserts as free tool to quickly check internet speed right at the homepage and new tab window. In addition, RunSpeedCheck also promises to enhance user’s online search experience. It normally enters the system while taking advantage of freeware and third-party applications currently offered on various websites. Read more »

Remove Search.ewatchseries.live (Mac)

Search.ewatchseries.live is a browser hijacker that is associated to unpopular Chumsearch.com and Opti-page.com. Originally, makers of this redirect adware have created an extension called Watchseries. The main goal of this browser add-on is to generate profit by displaying advertisements and by delivering internet traffic to partner’s websites trough personalized search results. Read more »

Remove Shortcutcommander.club (Mac)

Shortcutcommander.club is a homepage redirect adware because once it gets inside the browser; it modifies vital settings to manipulate the homepage. At the same time, it changes default search page and new tab on targeted browser application. Read more »

Remove My Sys Mechanic

My Sys Mechanic is an intrusive Windows optimization tool that sneaks onto the computer without user’s knowledge. It may arrive on PC along with software bundles or freeware obtained from suspicious websites. Once installed, the free software also loads a copy of My Sys Mechanic discretely. Users have no control on this installation process since it was accomplished without their notice. Read more »

Uninstall GarGizer System Repair

Its official website claims that GarGizer System Repair can clean, boost, and secure Windows computer. It claims to be an all-in-one PC utility. Features it offers includes software and hardware evaluation, cleaning of junk files, system speed enhancement, protection from PUP’s, and many others. Read more »

Remove Mac Cleanup Pro

Mac Cleanup Pro is a suspicious optimization tool for Macintosh computer. It is promoted as all-in-one application with extensive features such as disk cleanup, application manager, file manager, duplicate remover, and so on. Read more »