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Remove “Managed by your organization” from Google Chrome

Google Chrome’s browser “Managed by your organization” is a valid warning from the internet program. This is common in computer network places where the administrator have set up policies to prevent any users from changing what was configured to be have a secured and restricted internet navigation. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | June 15, 2020

Safari can’t establish a secure connection – Fix and Solution

Safari can’t open the page because “Safari can’t establish a secure connection” commonly appears on the browser if there is a safety issues between the web page and browser transmission protocol. The reason why web users are seeing this warning or something like “This connection is not secure” is that the destination website is not providing the appropriate security connection. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | May 23, 2020

Ways to remove virus from Mac

There is no doubt that Mac computers are not virus or malware-free anymore. Gone are the days that computer enthusiast refer to this brand as the safest device. These days, whatever virus that infects the PC also has a version that plays compatible with Mac systems. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | April 30, 2020

How to remove Adware from Safari (Mac)

There is no denying that Safari is still one of the favorite internet browsers of Mac users. This is definitely the reason why adware makers are also targeting this program aside from Google and Firefox. Infecting Safari browser is one way for cyber crooks to hook up Mac users to their online illicit acts like generating profit through intrusive advertisement. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | March 29, 2020

How to remove Yahoo Search Redirect Virus

Yahoo Search redirect virus” is a term that web users commonly think of if there is a sudden changes on their browser’s homepage in which the said search engine becomes the default setting. The same thing is also regard by web users after seeing that homepage is taken over by or search inquiries are redirected to this service.. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | January 26, 2020

Disable “Flash player will no longer be supported after December 2020”

Recent versions of Google Chrome has Flash Player disabled by default. Hence, for some reasons this was not the case for some users or maybe, a number of them have accidentally overridden the settings to run this plug-in. If that is the case, each time user opens Google Chrome or visit a Flash site, expect to see an information bar stating that “Flash player will no longer be supported after December 2020“. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | July 30, 2019

Fastest Way to Remove Adware from Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is undeniably the most popular browser to date. Therefore, it is also the favorite target of most adware and malware makers. Recent extensions we have uncovered are made specifically for Google Chrome. They intend to alter settings on the browser in order to set unwanted default home page and search engine. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | August 13, 2016

Remove Hijacker from Edge Browser

Malware authors are using various techniques to deliver malicious web page to internet users. One of this and the most common method these days is through browser hijacking. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | August 10, 2015