Here are the lists of common computer problems that users normally encounter on their daily activities. These procedures will surely be a big help to fix issues on browser programs and computers in general.

HP Printing Problem on Mac (will damage your computer)

In recent days, Mac users are complaining of having troubles printing to their HP Printers. The worrying part is, some Mac users deemed it as computer virus infection due to daunting pop-up messages and alerts like “hpdevicemonitoring.framework will damage your computer” or ““hpPostProcessing.bundle will damage your computer”.

How to Disable or Enable System Restore in Windows

System Restore is an integral part of Windows System Protection. This feature allows computer users to undo unwanted changes on the computer and restore the system to a previous state where it works flawlessly, if there are saved restore points.

Remove “Managed by your organization” from Google Chrome

Google Chrome’s browser “Managed by your organization” is a valid warning from the internet program. This is common in computer network places where the administrator have set up policies to prevent any users from changing what was configured to be have a secured and restricted internet navigation.

Ways to remove virus from Mac

There is no doubt that Mac computers are not virus or malware-free anymore. Gone are the days that computer enthusiast refer to this brand as the safest device. These days, whatever virus that infects the PC also has a version that plays compatible with Mac systems.

Fastest Way to Remove Adware from Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is undeniably the most popular browser to date. Therefore, it is also the favorite target of most adware and malware makers. Recent extensions we have uncovered are made specifically for Google Chrome. They intend to alter settings on the browser in order to set unwanted default home page and search engine.