Fix “Managed by your organization” with a Virus Scanner

Seeing a message saying that your Google Chrome is “Managed by your organization” is a common thing when the computer is hooked to a network environment such as offices, schools, and so on. So, it may be confusing for home users to see “Your browser is managed by your organization” because, in the first place, they are not part of an organization or a network. It turns out that home users may see this message whenever a group policy is placed on the Google Chrome browser by no other than a malware or virus.

Screenshot of Infected Google Chrome

About the Google Chrome Policies

Not everyone knows that Google is allowing a computer administrator to set policies in order to control how the Chrome browser operates. Normally, organizations are the ones who are utilizing these policies. It is much easier for an administrator to manage and synchronize Google Chrome settings for all the users within the network. For example, if the administrator wanted to incorporate a line of Bookmarks for users of Google Chrome browsers, it could be achieved by deploying policies. With policies in place, ordinary users are restricted from changing the settings on the browser to the point that they are not allowed to remove a single extension. Here are some other rules that an administrator can apply to the browser using the Google Chrome Policy:

  • Don’t alter the default configurations.
  • Users won’t be able to change the homepage or new tab window’s layout as a result.
  • Allow or prohibit Google Chrome remote access.
  • Permit or prohibit Google Chrome printing.
  • Prevent users of Google Chrome from visiting dangerous websites.
  • Modify the browser’s configuration remotely.

It is obvious at this point that seeing the “Managed by your organization” message on the browser indicates that a restriction is currently enforced on the browser. The only question is if it was applied for the benefit of the users or if a malicious program may have placed it for its own fraudulent gains.

“Your browser is managed by your organization” that is caused by malware

As mentioned above, network administrators are not the only ones who can configure and implement a Google Chrome policy. These days, cyber crooks are more focused on controlling the browser to accomplish the following:

  • Display pop-up advertisements.
  • Redirects the browser to different websites.
  • Assign an unwanted homepage and search engine.
  • Alter the push notification settings.
  • Install and prevent the removal of unwanted browser extensions.
  • and a lot more…

To help the attackers with these, they normally persuade users to install a supposed helpful program that will eventually install a browser extension, which imposes a policy resulting in the display of the “Managed by your organization” message on the affected internet browser.

Certainly, having the “Managed by your organization” message on the home computer and having a browser controlled by malware or viruses is a nightmare. If this is the case, users can remove the policy simply by scanning the computer with a virus scanner. Please proceed to the steps below to clean the browser and get rid of the pesky “Managed by your organization” message.

Remove “Managed by your organization” using a virus scanner

We already have already published different options to remove the “Managed by your organization” message from the computer. Hence, the procedure here is much easier to understand and execute. If this guide is not effective, the next option is to carry out the previous fix with different options. To start cleaning the computer, please proceed with the guide.

1. Download AdwCleaner from the official website.

2. Once the download has completed, go to the Downloads folder and double-click on adwcleaner.exe.

Screenshot of AdwCleaner File

3. Install the program the usual way. If Windows prompts, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” please click Yes to proceed.

4. After installation, please run AdwCleaner.

5. The program opens in the Dashboard area; click on the Settings menu.

Screenshot of AdwCleaner Settings

6. Under the Settings page, Turn OnReset Chrome Policies” and “Reset IE Policies.”

Screenshot of Chrome Policy on AdwCleaner

7. Next, go back to the Dashboard and click on Scan Now to start checking the computer.

Image AdwCleaner Scan

8. After the scan, it is advisable to restart the computer.

Double Check : Scan the PC with Combo Cleaner for Windows

Combo Cleaner is a trusted PC security and optimization tool equipped with powerful virus and malware detection engine. This program can get rid of browser hijacker, adware, and malware.

1. Download the application from the following page:

2. Save the file to your preferred location.

3. Double-click the downloaded file CCSetup.exe and install with the default settings.

CC for Windows Installation

4. At the end of the setup process, click Finish to run Combo Cleaner.

5. The tool will update the signature file, please wait for this process to complete.

6. To begin checking for threats like browser hijacker, adware, and malware, click on the Start Scan button. Wait for this scan to finish.

CC for Windows Start Scan

7. At the end of the scan process, click on Remove all threats to delete threats, including all malicious objects, from the computer.

Free features of Combo Cleaner for Windows includes Disk Cleaner, Big Files finder, Duplicate files finder, and Uninstaller. To use antivirus, privacy scanner, and to delete identified threats, users have to upgrade to a premium version.

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