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A malware fighter and virus hunter that also work as IT consultant specializing in computer security. She founded in 2013 to help computer users in solving virus and malware problems with ease. “No complex explanation, just straightforward malware removal.”

Remove vNewsFeed (Browser Extension)

Potentially unwanted program (PUP) like vNewsFeed is currently endorsed by developers as useful tool to encourage users into downloading and installing it on their computer.

How to Remove yEmbedAsk

Having to install or download certain apps or programs without carefully checking can bring infections to computers. One example is how yEmbedAsk extension harms a functional web browser.

Remove (Mac) is a homepage URL that belongs to questionable browser extension called QuickSearch. This hijacker was made to be compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers running on Mac OS environment.

How to Remove uSecureSkip

uSecureSkip is a browser hijacker that aims on infiltrating popular internet software as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This kind of browser threat is utilizing different kinds of ploy to push itself onto internet program.

How to Remove UAskEmbed

UAskEmbed is an undesirable browser extension made to work alongside popular browser applications like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. At first glimpse, user may assess the program as valid add-on.

How to Remove yHostScan

yHostScan is a browser hijacker that often setup on internet program as add-on or extension. Its main objective is to designate unwanted URL as default homepage and search engine.

Remove UViewRead Extension

UViewRead is a browser hijacker which influences the performance of internet programs. It may get into computers and cause behavioral errors such as enormous pop-ups and redirections. Potentially unwanted program (PUP) alike UViewRead can trace any precious information stored on the browser.

Remove Pop-up

Websites made solely to serve malicious advertisements are surprisingly flooding the internet these recent years. One sample of the website that threatens web user’s safety and privacy is

Disco Ransomware Virus – Removal Steps

Disco ransomware belongs to the family of Zeus malware. Attackers desire to earn huge profit is what drives them to launch this kind of attack. The sequence is, Disco ransomware will encrypt files on the computer using highly complex algorithm.

LGNLCKD Ransomware Virus Removal

If important files on the computer are inaccessible and have .LGNLCKD file extension, it implies that computer is infected with a virus from LegionLocker malware family. Due to the appended extension, malware researchers prefer to tag the new version of the virus as LGNLCKD ransomware. Its operation evolves by infecting the System and then, encrypt files …

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