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Malwarebytes is a very effective tool for combating malware and other harmful programs. The free version of this program is sufficient to scan your computer and remove threats like trojans, viruses, malware, spyware, rogue programs, and more. However, if you want complete protection, we suggest exerting a little budget for the paid version of Malwarebytes.

This software was built to be user-friendly. You can easily navigate to various features of Malwarebytes via the neat dashboard. It also allows you to choose from three types of scanning processes: Scan for rootkits, Scan within archives, and Use artificial intelligence to detect threats. Obviously, you will run an artificial intelligence type of scan when something is not usual on the computer. It consumes less time and is advisable to run for a maintenance period. This custom scanning allows you to customize where and what you want to check.

Scanning the computer with Malwarebytes is pretty simple. It doesn’t require professional or technical skills to remove malware using this software. Just a straight scan and remove button is needed to click in order to fix a malware infection.

For advanced users, Malwarebytes provides a settings page in which they can configure which objects to scan and what the software does when Windows starts. The heuristic engine is also one part of the software that increases malware detection efficiency by removing suspicious items from the computer.

How to Download, Install, and Scan with Malwarebytes?

Disclaimer: By downloading and using this tool, you are considered to have read the owner’s disclaimer and agreed to terms and conditions as declared on the official web site.

1. Download Malwarebytes from the link below.

Download Button

2. Once the download completes, double-click on the file MBSetup.exe to run the program.

Screenshot of MBAM File

3. If Windows displays a message, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” click Yes to continue.

4. On the next window, select the desired option, whether you are installing on Personal Computer or Business Computer. Click Next after selecting one.

Screenshot of Malwarebytes Protection Type

5. Next, it will prompt if you want to install Browser Guard. You may skip this procedure if you choose not to protect your browser.

Screenshot of Browser Guard

6. Click the Install button to start loading Malwarebytes on your Windows computer. Setup process and downloading of files will begin.

Screenshot of Installing Malwarebytes

7. After the installation procedure, click on Open Malwarebytes button.

Screenshot of Running Malwarebytes

8. The next window prompts you to buy the program, activate your subscription, or try the program first. Click Maybe Later if you want to run a free trial.

Screenshot of Malwarebytes Activation

9. In the next window, input your email address and click on the Start Trial button. Continue with the process.

10. When you are in the dashboard, click on the Scan button to check the computer for malware.

Screenshot of Scan Interface

11. The virus scan may take a while; please wait for the process to finish.

12 . When scanning is done, Malwarebytes will display the list of identified threats. Remove or Quarantine all identified threats.

Screenshot of Malwarebytes Scan Results

13. Next, it will show a summary of the scan report. Click on the Done button and close the program. You may now restart Windows.

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