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CKQuinito is a blogger and technology geek that specializes in computer troubleshooting and virus removal. He is active in various online technical forums, helping users that are being troubled with different computer issues.

Remove Bondy Ransomware (.bondy File Recovery)

Bondy ransomware is another addition to the long list of crypto-virus or file-coder that mainly targets personal computer files. Computer security program may detect this threat as WcryG, HydraCrypt, Ryzerlo, Metagen, Artemis, or Delf. Bondy ransomware was made for specific objective of money extortion when it successfully locked target files on the computer.

Remove Bang Ransomware (Wanna Scream)

Bang ransomware is a very hazardous computer threat that is part of WannaScream malware family. The focus of this virus is to render majority of computer files unusable, it places victims in the situation where they cannot open the data in any means.

How to remove H@RM@ Ransomware

H@RM@ ransomware is a hazardous computer virus. The objective of this threat is to lock computer files particularly those that are important to users like .doc, .xls, .ppt, .jpg, .png, .pdf, .mp4, .mp3, .mov, .dwg, .zip, .rar, and many more.

How to remove LV Ransomware

LV ransomware is a hazardous type of computer virus that mostly targets offices or businesses. Cyber hoodlums behind this ransomware attack will demand payment in exchange for decryption keys and matching unique key. Usually, they set deadlines to receive the payment from victims or encrypted files will become permanently encrypted, destroyed of exposed to public …

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Remove Bioawards Ransomware (.Bioawards File Recovery)

Bioawards ransomware is part of Scarab malware family. Hazardous virus like this normally enters the computer uninvited while attackers are using various misleading tactics like spam emails, software bundles, drive-by-downloads, and bogus software update. Once Bioawards ransomware penetrates the computer, it uses an AES – RSA 256 encryption technology to lock majority of user’s files. …

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Remove Xinof Ransomware (.XINOF File Recovery)

Xinof ransomware is a new variant of crypto-virus emerging from Fonix family of malware. Computer security application may detect this virus as Crypter, Encoder, Ransom, FileCrypter, StartSurf, and so on. Main objective of Xinof ransomware is to extort money from victims by making their files inaccessible.

Remove Vash_Sorena Ransomware (

Vash_Sorena has a couple of variants and this one is using the email address and website It is a hazardous crypto-virus that intends to lock majority of user’s personal files with AES RSA 256 encryption algorithm.

Remove Santa_Crypt Ransomware (.$anta File Recovery)

Santa_Crypt ransomware or $anta is a crypto-virus that infects the computer and proceed with the decryption of user’s files. Normally it targets data such as OpenOffice, MSOffice, archives, images, photos, databases, drawings, and so on.