CK Quinito

CKQuinito is a blogger and technology geek that specializes in computer troubleshooting and virus removal. He is active in various online technical forums, helping users that are being troubled with different computer issues.

Remove AWSAK Ransomware

AWSAK ransomware is a dangerous file-coder virus. Security applications may detect it as Conti, Encoder, Filecoder, FileCryptor, or NetWalker. The penetration technique it is using is similar to just any threats from the same group and it includes phishing emails, malicious software bundles, pirated software, web injectors, and social engineering attack.

How to remove LV Ransomware

LV ransomware is a hazardous type of computer virus that mostly targets offices or businesses. Cyber hoodlums behind this ransomware attack will demand payment in exchange for decryption keys and matching unique key. Usually, they set deadlines to receive the payment from victims or encrypted files will become permanently encrypted, destroyed of exposed to public …

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Remove EdgeWater Ransomware

EdgeWater ransomware is a hazardous computer virus that appends the files with 0nzo8yk. Off course, renaming the files is just the secondary act of EdgeWater because its main objective is to encrypt majority of user’s files and from there, it will extort ransom payment from the victims.

How to remove LockDown Ransomware

LockDown ransomware is a deadly computer virus. The objective of this threat is to block user from accessing their important files like documents, spreadsheet, archives, databases, drawings, images, photos, videos, and so on.

Remove Nypg Ransomware

Nypg is a deadly virus that belongs to ransomware family of Stop/DJVU. This threat is notorious in locking majority of computer user’s files by encrypting them with complex algorithmic pattern. In addition, the virus appends .nypg files extension to encrypted data.

Remove See_read_me Ransomware

See_read_me ransomware is a hazardous virus that can make files inaccessible. It applies highly complex encryption technique to deny user’s access to the files and make use of this situation to demand ransom payment. See_read_me ransomware can be detected by several anti-virus applications as Fugrafa, Filecoder, FileCrypter, Medusa, CryptoLocker, RansomCrypt, and Adhubllka.

How to remove Efji Ransomware

Efji ransomware is a complicated type of virus. It can infect the computer system files but at the same time, it was designed to damage common files like documents, spreadsheet, databases, archives, videos, photos, images, drawings, and so on.

Remove Bioawards Ransomware (.Bioawards File Recovery)

Bioawards ransomware is part of Scarab malware family. Hazardous virus like this normally enters the computer uninvited while attackers are using various misleading tactics like spam emails, software bundles, drive-by-downloads, and bogus software update. Once Bioawards ransomware penetrates the computer, it uses an AES – RSA 256 encryption technology to lock majority of user’s files. …

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