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By | Posted on June 6, 2013 | Last updated on January 18, 2014 is causing havoc to mobile users, causing their devices to be redirected to said web address each time they are browsing the Internet. This redirect issue seems to be affecting Android and iOS systems.

It is noted that a certain code bundled with fake software download are the culprit for this hijacking problems. Additionally, it is said to be that the beneficiary for this redirect is a program called Candy Crash Saga.

In a more depth analysis, appears to be not cause by a virus, trojan, or any kind of malware. It is a tracking cookie or something that said to be malfunctioning or having conflict with script loader. Thus, instead of monitoring ads on your devices, it redirects instead.

Online Security Scanner Report for

To confirm the condition of the web site, we uses online web site scanner to analyze for safety and security. Here is what we have found:

Norton Safe Web : Safe (click to view)
McAfee Site Advisor : No Security Issues (click to view)
AVG Site Reports : Currently Safe (click to view) Removal Procedures

Since browser redirect issue for is still under thorough diagnostics, we haven’t found the exact solution to stop it. For the meantime, we have gathered some procedures that might work on the affected devices.

Solution for iOS Devices:

Reset Settings:

1. Go to Settings and then click on General.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and click Reset. This method witll reset some of the modified settings, not everything that is stored on the device.

Uninstall Apps:

1. Track the Apps you have installed recently. Removing them may help stop the hijacking issue. Some of the reported apps that are causing this are Iconmania and MineCraft. However there is no confirmation yet if users who got affected have downloaded the legitimate copies. It could be a version with code injected into it.

Logout Facebook Account:

It is said that Facebook app King Bling has something to do with this redirect problems. In some occasions, it will show an error “You don’t have a Facebook app user session! Please log in to the King Bling app in Facebook.” You may want to delete the app from Facebook or logout the account and see what will happen.

Solution for Android Devices

Clearing the Browser:

1. Open your web browser on Android device.
2. Press the Menu key. Select “More“, then “Settings“.
3. Scroll down until you see the three menu options: Clear cache, Clear history, and Clear all cookie data.
4. Execute each one by one. Press “Ok” when it confirms if you want to proceed.
5. Press the back button until you get back to the web browser. You may want to restart the browser to see the changes.