Remove Hijacker is causing havoc to mobile users, causing their devices to be redirected to said web address each time they are browsing the Internet. This redirect issue seems to be affecting Android and iOS systems.

It is noted that a certain code bundled with fake software download are the culprit for this hijacking problems. Additionally, it is said to be that the beneficiary for this redirect is a program called Candy Crash Saga.

In a more depth analysis, appears to be not cause by a virus, trojan, or any kind of malware. It is a tracking cookie or something that said to be malfunctioning or having conflict with script loader. Thus, instead of monitoring ads on your devices, it redirects instead.

Online Security Scanner Report for

To confirm the condition of the web site, we uses online web site scanner to analyze for safety and security. Here is what we have found:

Norton SafeWebNo issuesCommunity Rating: 3.5/5.0Updated: March 17, 2019
MCAfee Site AdvisorMinimal riskFeedback: No dataUpdated: March 17, 2019
Transparency ReportCurrently SafeFeedback: No dataUpdated: March 17, 2019 Removal Procedures

Since browser redirect issue for is still under thorough diagnostics, we haven’t found the exact solution to stop it. For the meantime, we have gathered some procedures that might work on the affected devices.

Solution for iOS Devices:

Reset Settings:

1. Go to Settings and then click on General.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and click Reset. This method will reset some of the modified settings, not everything that is stored on the device.

Uninstall Apps:

1. Track the Apps you have installed recently. Removing them may help stop the hijacking issue. Some of the reported apps that are causing this are Iconmania and MineCraft. However there is no confirmation yet if users who got affected have downloaded the legitimate copies. It could be a version with code injected into it.

Logout Facebook Account:

It is said that Facebook app King Bling has something to do with this redirect problems. In some occasions, it will show an error “You don’t have a Facebook app user session! Please log in to the King Bling app in Facebook.” You may want to delete the app from Facebook or logout the account and see what will happen.

Solution for Android Devices

Clearing Cache from Google Chrome Browser:

1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Press the Menu (3 dots) on upper right corner of the screen.
3. Tap on Settings.
4. Scroll down and tap Privacy.
5. Scroll down and tap Clear browsing data.
6. Press Clear Data button.
7. Please restart Google Chrome browser.

Clearing Cache from Generic Browser:

1. Open your web browser on Android device.
2. Press the Menu key. Select “More“, then “Settings“.
3. Scroll down until you see the three menu options: Clear cache, Clear history, and Clear all cookie data.
4. Execute each one by one. Press “Ok” when it confirms if you want to proceed.
5. Press the back button until you get back to the web browser. You may want to restart the browser to see the changes.

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  1. I got this “virus” thru downloading something…the only way I could get rid of it was to factory reset my mobile device, which is a pain, but the only way I could find to get rid of it. Had to remove SD chip and SIM card first, but it worked. Haven’t reloaded anything yet.

  2. Right, I got it too. Follow as explained above. It works. Delete the cache etc… and reset the browser. No need to reset mobile device to the factory settings.

  3. I am sick of this popping up out of no where like an uninvited guest at a party. Please make it stop before I throw my phone.

  4. I followed the Android instructions on my Samsung Galaxy Note II. It worked for a couple days, but came back. There must be a better way to eliminate this extremely annoying nuisance

  5. I was sick and tired of, then I removed apps that I installed recently, it was like 20 apps, so I don’t. Want to name them, but it is gone, zip, nada, no, , so guys its one hundred percent related to apps. Just delete the apps you recently downloaded.

  6. I cant download apps since I have no credit card on my nook, I’ve already reset my nook tablet and everything and I still get the Adtrack thing! How do I get rid of it?

  7. Hello.

    I only recently have started to receive the redirect (with Candy Crush Saga listed at the end of the web address) when I open my web browser and only when I am using DeviantArt. I have tried everything listed here. Clearing/deleting internet history, cache, cookies, and even disabling the clever little “Network Location” app that has too much access to personal, networking, internet, and location files. Yet, I still wasn’t receiving the redirect pop-up, though it does not take me through the Google Play Store to Candy Crush Saga. I do recall accidentally clicking some ads in apps I have downloaded, so I have deleted those apps (Candy Crush Saga, What’s the Word?, the Facebook app, and Words with Friends). But I am Still receiving the redirect even when going through the steps listed here and on other websites. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 which I have only bought early this year, but had left at home from the beginning of August through the week before last. More advice would be greatly appreciated as I often use DeviantArt as an active artist. I would hate to think that it is DA, but the question maybe it was an ad I pressed still remains as well.
    Thank You for your time.

  8. @WM Did you restore your browser to default settings after you deleted all the data? I had the same problem only with DeviantArt, I emptied the cache, deleted all cookies etc. Then, restored the settings and I can access the website just fine now.

  9. I also only seem to be getting the adtrack.king redirection when using deviant I use deviantart often so I really hope this can be fixed this definitely has something to do with candy crush look at the URL for the site

    I think I downloaded candy crush a long time ago only to delete it after playing it but I didn’t have this problem before this week I have and IOS device but the reset thing doesn’t seem to be working I hope a solution will be found soon I really love using Deviantart and refuse to believe that it could possibly be the cause of this.

  10. @WM
    There is currently a banner ad in DeviantART that contains a JavaScript redirect to I should mention at DA does not choose their ads, they are part of a larger adverting network. I have sent a help desk ticket and am awaiting a response (the help desk is closed today) and what they are likely to do is report the offending ad to the advertising network. The network in turn, will either remove the ad or mark it correctly. DA does not allow page redirects in their ads, and once it is marked properly, it won’t appear on DA.

    Short version: Hang in there, it’s being worked on!

  11. This hack is back, but I glimpsed a different URL this time, not Will capture it next time… which won’t be long.

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone that they are doing it again… look at how successful it was the first time around! That damn game became a huge hit. Reward a thing, get more of it.

  12. I have been bothered buy this annoying pop up for months. I followed the instructions cleared the cache and reset my browser to default and as of right now I do not have any pop ups. I’m going to see how long this last but for now I am happy. Thanks so much for the help.

  13. I think I have fixed my phone. I downloaded Farm Heroes Saga. That day I got the direct virus from Adtrack king. It kept bringing me back to farm hero saga. What I did was I saw when I Googled something I saw in the top right hand corner of my screen that it pulled up another window beside the one I Googled… so I clicked on it and saw hidden behind my window there was a hidden one . Redirecting me to Adtrack king. So I closed that window and have not had a problem since. I hope this helps others.

  14. I got the virus on my Galaxy Note 3 after reading the comments I removed history cookies cachet then the only game I could think of was loops legend which constantly had ads that I had to do about three or four things to back out. I uninstalled loops of Legends and I haven’t seen the Adtrack virus since

  15. My screen keeps getting hijacked away sometimes multiple times in one turn while looking for a word placement. I am not even touching the I pad when the screen jumps to a popup empty page with some site in the browser window. This has been going on for a couple of months. I have re booted, cleared cookies and history and do not know what else to do. I don’t mind the actual ads between games but these pop ups are annoying!

  16. I’m currently having the same problem but on PC/laptop I have found the actual file to remove King browse ads from my computer but every time I prompt to remove and delete, it constantly pop-up a window saying I don’t have permission to delete the program even on an administrating profile. I believe this to be a complete joke. I’ve spent £500 on a laptop that can’t remove a silly little advert program. I feel like I don’t have control anymore and Norton Security hasn’t even helped or recognized a faulty program this is a joke, a proper violation of privacy and want someone prosecuted.

  17. Chona, thanks for the post. I am now receiving this annoying redirector and I’m slow at some of this technical stuff. So, I’m hesitant to “reset” my phone, because I will have to start over and don’t want to lose info that’s important to me. However, I was able to copy the “string” or the line of info that redirects:

    http: //adtrack.king. com/modules/adTracking/adClicked.jsp?type=ad&idfa_raw=&st1=hitfox&st2=33&st3=US&st4=&st5=aff_lsr&st6=1020456fa3f5f95938bd3cfd1388c8&st7=&linkId=3301

    Will this help find and get rid of this malware, virus, or whatever it’s called now? Thanks for your time. RR

  18. We need to just get everyone that has had this problem especially people who has had their source of income interrupted, and threaten to sue unless the problem is resolved. I have never downloaded candy crush and have not recently downloaded anything. If this plan works then either they will fix it or everyone who has had this problem may be rewarded some money. We would have to be careful and get set up. But maybe if we play our cards right shady business like this will slow down. Not stopped that’s impossible. Sorry I just needed to rant there for a little while.

  19. sandesh ghandat

    For mobile devices, do the following:
    step 1: Install Xplore app its free and without ads
    step 2: open app and in settings tick the box of show hidden files
    step 3: In search put the string ad.*
    step 4: from results delete files inside android/data/mob

    That’s it. Uninstall Xplore if you want to.

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