HP Printing Problem on Mac (will damage your computer)

In recent days, Mac users have complained of having trouble printing on their HP Printers. The worrying part is that some Mac users deemed it a computer virus infection due to daunting pop-up messages and alerts like “hpdevicemonitoring.framework will damage your computer” or ““hpPostProcessing.bundle will damage your computer”.

It seems to be that the revoked credentials on some versions of the old HP driver are causing the issue. At the moment, the problem is reportedly affecting users who have Mac OS  Catalina (version 10.15) and Mojave (version 10.14). Because the HP software was revoked on the said variety of Mac OS, this caused rejection from the operating system and became unknown. Thus, the user continues to receive the message that it “will damage your computer.” The same generic response occurs when it detects strange apps like adware or malware.

Other common and notable pop-up messages appearing on the computer screen state the following:

  • “Commandtohp.filter” will damage your computer
  • “HDPM.framework” will damage your computer
  • “HPM1210_1130Raster.bundle” will damage your computer
  • “hpPostScriptPDE.plugin” will damage your computer
  • “Laserjet.driver” will damage your computer
  • “Matterhorn.framework” will damage your computer
  • “Fax.backend” will damage your computer.”
  • “FaxArchive.task”…
  • “Hpdevicemonitoring.framework” will damage your computer
  • “HPDriverCore.framework” will damage your computer
  • “HpPostProcessing.bundle” will damage your computer
  • “inkjet1.driver”…
  • “inkjet4.driver” will damage your computer
  • “PDE.plugin” will damage your computer
  • “ProductImprovementStudy.hptask” will damage your computer
  • “HPSmartprint.framework” will damage your computer
  • “ScanEventHandler.app”…
  • Stopped – The file ‘private/var/spool/cups/tmp/06e015f942fb1″ could not be opened

Just to give you an insight on how it greatly affects Mac users, here are some excerpts from posts on the Apple Discussion pages.

HP printer problem

There are at least a couple of us who can no longer print with the new Catalina upgrade. We met on the HP help line. It seems like no help from either Apple or HP for us. I have run through all of Apple’s and HP’s diagnostics with no success. – woodchopper123

Sudden problem with Printing

I just tried to print to my HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277 DW and got a message pop up on my iMac. “hpPostProcessing.bundle” will damage your computer. This file was downloaded on an unknown date. With a tick box to report malware to Apple to protect others, – woodchal

Apple software certificate expired HP Printer

HP Deskjet D4300 Printer does not work. One or more components of the HP printing software are corrupted or missing. “commandtohp.filter” will damage your computer. Report malware to Apple. Apple reports that software has an expiration date. The Apple Software Update Certification Authority issued the Apple Software Update on Thursday, October 24, 2019 Software update certificate is expired. I have two Macs, and both have the same problem. – LaBoatique

HP Printer Problem with Catalina and download HP printer drivers

My computer is no longer talking to my HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-One. It is not clear why all of a sudden I have this problem, as up until a couple of days ago the printer was working just fine, and I did not see any Mac OS Catalina software update. – ITNotSavvy

HP software reported as malware

Suddenly, I can’t print. HP 2055 DN on the network. Suddenly, parts of the HP driver software seeming to be files ending in “.bundle” are being reported as “…will damage your computer” – nerak100

According to a retired software driver developer who goes by the alias StevePSplusB209. This is all about the HP software signing certificate issue, which cannot be fixed by Mac users themselves. Things that need to be done by the HP printer driver developer to fix these HP printing problems on Mac include:

  • Re-sign the HP Utility code with a valid certificate authority from Apple.
  • Re-create the HP Printer installer package with an updated signature or authority.
  • Upload the updated HP installer package to the HP Support page or Mac Support website.

Screenshot image of hppostprocessing

What to do?

Unfortunately, this is an issue between your Mac and HP Printer drivers. All you have to do is wait until both sides resolve this problem. In addition, you can always check for updated drivers on the HP Printer Support official page or try your luck with the workaround below.

Solving the HP Printing Error on Mac

Although AirPrint is the better alternative solution if you have issues printing due to corrupt or outdated drivers, the method only works for wirelessly capable printers or ones that are shared via a computer network. If your setup is direct-wired printing, you may try these options as workarounds to solve the issue.

Option 1 : Use HP Easy Start

1. Download HP Easy Start from the official website.

2. Go to your download folder and Open HP Easy Start.

3. On your Mac menu bar, click on HP Easy Start menu.

Image of HP Easy Start Uninstall

4. Select Uninstall HP Software… from the drop-down list.

5. Click on the Continue button to start removing the current HP printer driver.

6. After uninstalling the old HP drivers and apps, select Set Up New Device.

Image of Set Up New Device

7. Proceed with the installation until it prompts for software download and installation.

8. Continue installing the new HP printer driver. Please restart your Mac if necessary.

Option 2 : Use HP Easy Admin for Mac OS

This Mac OS application tool enables users to download the most recent and complete version of HP printer solution.

1. Click the following link to download HP Easy Admin from official website


Mac OS may send a warning about “HP_Easy_Admin_app.zip” can’t be download securely. Just click on Keep to continue downloading the file. This generic detection is normal because the file is in compressed ZIP file format.

2. Go to the folder of the downloaded HP_Easy_Admin_app.zip and extract the file.

3. Run the application, and once you are on the Welcome screen, please Agree to the licensing agreement.

4. Once it shows the Download Software screen, type the printer name and model in the search box.

5. After selecting the printer, verify your Mac OS version, language, and country.

Screenshot of HP Easy Admin

6. Be sure to include Essential Software and HP Easy Scan if your printer is equipped with a scanner. Click on Download button.

7. The tool will start to download and install the most recent solution for your Mac.

Option 3 : Uninstall/Re-install HP Printer Driver

1. Open System Preferences.

2. Click on Printers & Scanners.

3. On the left panel, choose the problematic HP printer and click the minus (-) sign at the bottom.

4. Go to Finder and then, on the menu, click on Go > Go to Folder… and input this string.


5. Drag the HP printer driver to the Trash Bin.

6. Please restart your Mac.

7. Open System Preferences once more.

8. Click on Printers & Scanners.

9. On the left panel, click the plus (+) sign located on the bottom left to add a printer with a new and updated HP driver.

If the solution above does not resolve the HP printing problem, please try the other options below.

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21 thoughts on “HP Printing Problem on Mac (will damage your computer)”

  1. Have just tried this but specified my location was in the US as opposed to UK. Seems to be working. Thanks very much.

  2. Just tried this, but my printers aren’t listed. I was printing two days ago, and now , NOTHING.
    Come on Apple and HP, get your acts together and help!

  3. Particularly bad time to have this happen with so many of us working from home…

  4. Same issue. Working perfectly one day, this damage message the next. Can’t change printers because the printer cost more than the computer.

  5. I too specified my location as US and although I still get a malware message, it now does print!
    For any techno-phones (like me!) – make sure you click “show in finder” then it’s easy to bring it up and follow the installation instructions.

  6. Same problem here. I deleted two files: hpPostProcessing.bundle and hpPreProcessing.filter then updated the software. Now, it is printing correctly. Hope that helps.

  7. Thank you! the above instructions on downloading “Essential Software” & “HP Easy Scan” worked!

  8. I’m so angry that this issue STILL hasn’t been resolved. I don’t have time for this.

  9. Many thanks. Option 2 “Essential Software” worked to bring printing back. But Easy Scan was not available for my HP LaserJet Professional M1216nfw printer so I’ve still lost scanning. To think of the number of people I’ve recommended to get HP printers in the past because their support is good. Looks like that opinion needs revision, sadly.

  10. Same problem for me. I have removed old software but the Laser Jet 1200 series driver is not available on the HP website. Any ideas please?

  11. I uninstalled with “HP Easy Start”.
    Reinstalled in “Printers”.
    And all is fine.
    Many Thanks.

  12. What a great time for this to happen. Tried all these options none worked. Please fix this HP and Apple.

  13. Nothing for color laserjet cp2025. No solutions. Come on HP and Apple…this is a terrible time to not play nice together!! I should not have to replace a perfectly good laser printer!! Has anyone found a solution for this model?

  14. Has anyone found a solution? I also have a perfectly good cp2025. Great printer!

  15. Harold Ray Romike

    HP is not going to fix the problem if the printer is out of warranty. Their suggested solutions were either hook up to an older Windows PC or buy a new printer (tech said “printers are not that expensive”). Well if I have to buy a new one it won’t be HP and when I go to the store I intend to make sure no one else around will want an HP.

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