Fastest Way to Remove Adware from Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is undeniably the most popular browser to date. Therefore, it is also the favorite target of most adware and malware makers. Recent extensions we have uncovered are made specifically for Google Chrome. They intend to alter settings on the browser in order to set unwanted default home page and search engine.

If Adware or Malware dominates the Google Chrome browser, users may experience several annoyances. Aside from dubious search engines and home pages, potentially unwanted programs also cause pop-up advertisements and browser redirects. These are not just typical irritations because they may contain links that can lead to more troubles, like viruses or malware infections.

On this article, we will guide you on how you can remove adware from Google Chrome browser in fastest and easiest way possible. There is no need to go through manual removal of adware extension. With just few clicks, you can get rid of Adware from Chrome browser.

Guide to Easily Remove Adware from Chrome Browser:

This procedure will help you get rid of adware and malware from Google Chrome browser in fastest way possible. It does not require third-party application and no complex procedure is necessary.

Use Google Chrome Clean Up Tool

1. Open Google Chrome application.

2. Type this string in the address box: chrome://settings/cleanup and then, press Enter on the keyboard.

3. It opens up a page stating that “Chrome can find harmful software on your computer and remove it.”

4. Click the FIND button to proceed.

Clean Up Computer

The tool will take some time to scan the browser while checking for harmful software. Please wait for the scan to finish. Please restart the browser when done.

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