Remove fEstasAzulCorrupta Virus

fEstasAzulCorrupta is a computer virus that was made specifically to corrupt MS Office files, particularly Word documents. In an effort to spread this virus, attackers are utilizing the web to deploy the threat in various ways. Typically, fEstasAzulCorrupta virus is packed with software downloads that users may obtain from file-sharing networks. It is randomly attached to programs and freeware and hosted on several domains.

When fEstasAzulCorrupta is executed, it injects some files on Windows. A registry is also added to load the virus during the Windows start-up process. This action causes some conflict in opening programs and running security software on the affected PC. The installed anti-virus program will be disabled by fEstasAzulCorrupta and MS Word files will be locked. Technically, fEstasAzulCorrupta virus has corrupted the file by adding some codes to the header, leaving the computer baffled on its type. For this reason, no associated program can run the corrupt file.

Removing the fEstasAzulCorrupta virus from the computer can be accomplished with a basic scan. Just make sure that you are running updated security software. The scan also fixes corrupted files and removes any unwanted code when found.

Screenshot of fEstasAzulCorrupta

When done with cleaning the computer and all viruses are removed, it is crucial to protect the computer. If antivirus is installed, make sure that ‘Automatic Update’ is enabled and ‘Real-time scanning’ is activated.

Quick Fix - Scan the PC with Combo Cleaner for Windows

Combo Cleaner is a trusted PC security and optimization tool equipped with powerful virus and malware detection engine. This program can get rid of browser hijacker, adware, and malware.

1. Download the application from the following page:

2. Save the file to your preferred location.

3. Double-click the downloaded file CCSetup.exe and install with the default settings.

CC for Windows Installation

4. At the end of the setup process, click Finish to run Combo Cleaner.

5. The tool will update the signature file, please wait for this process to complete.

6. To begin checking for threats like browser hijacker, adware, and malware, click on the Start Scan button. Wait for this scan to finish.

CC for Windows Start Scan

7. At the end of the scan process, click on Remove all threats to delete threats including all malicious objects from the computer.

Free features of Combo Cleaner for Windows includes Disk Cleaner, Big Files finder, Duplicate files finder, and Uninstaller. To use antivirus, privacy scanner, and to delete identified threats, users have to upgrade to a premium version.

Please continue with the succeeding removal procedures if your are comfortable to manually get rid of the threat and malicious items linked with it.

Option : Use Bootable USB Virus Scanner to remove fEstasAzulCorrupta

Another one effective way to remove notorious computer virus like fEstasAzulCorrupta is to scan the system via the bootable USB drive. These steps will guide you to create a USB bootable virus scanner.

You will be needing a clean USB drive. Make sure there are no important files in it. Create the bootable USB drive on a separate clean/uninfected computer.

Creating Bootable USB Drive

1. Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk ISO file from this location. Please take note on the destination folder of your krd.iso file.

2. Download Rufus tool to create a bootable USB drive.

3. Attached the USB drive to a clean computer.

4. Double-click on the downloaded Rufus application to run the program.

5. On Rufus tool, select your USB drive under the Device section.

Screenshot of Rufus Tool

6. Then, click SELECT and navigate to the folder where you placed the Kaspersky Rescue Disk ISO file. Click on the krd.iso file.

7. Under Partition Scheme, select MBR. Target system must be BIOS or UEFI.

8. Next, under File System, please select FAT32.

9. Click START to begin.

10. Lastly, it will prompt for the write mode. Please select Write in ISO Image Mode and click OK.

Screenshot of Rufus ISO Image

Boot up the infected computer on USB Drive

1. Attached the bootable USB drive on the infected computer.

2. Turn On the computer and enter the BIOS setup by pressing F1, F2, F8, F10, or Esc, please refer you’re your device’s manual.

3. While in BIOS setup, use Mouse or arrow Up/Down on your keyboard and go to the Boot Sequence section.

4. Select the appropriate option to boot the computer in USB Drive. You can either disable other drives or assign the USB Drive as the first boot device.

5. Click Apply and then, Exit the BIOS. The computer should boot on the USB drive.

Scanning with Kaspersky Rescue Disk to remove fEstasAzulCorrupta

1. Use the arrow Up/Down on your keyboard to select desired Language during start-up.

2. Select Kaspersky Rescue Disk Graphic Mode on the next window.

3. During initialization, KRD will prompt for License Agreement and Privacy Policy, please confirm and click Accept to proceed.

4. If it shows the message "Cloud detection and bases update will be unavailable" you need to connect the computer to the internet.

5.  Click on the network icon on the taskbar (bottom right corner) to connect to the internet.

6. Finally, Kaspersky Rescue Disk is ready. Click on Start Scan to begin checking the computer and remove fEstasAzulCorrupta.

Screenshot of KRD virus scan

7. After scanning, delete/remove all identified viruses, including fEstasAzulCorrupta items.

8. After scanning and removal of fEstasAzulCorrupta, click on Logo icon on the lower left bottom of the screen and select Leave.

9. Then, click on Shutdown to turn off the computer.

10. Detached the USB device from the computer.

11. Turn On the computer and go back to BIOS settings. Restore your previous configuration to start the computer normally.

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  1. I have found this very helpful and and important tool. I had an issue with the so called malware and this step by step instructions has helped me clean and remove all the infections and recover some of the files. However i was unable to recover .DOC and .XLS files… i was only able to recover .DOCX and .XLSX files. would you advise me how i can recover the previously saved formats?

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  3. hi
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  4. I managed to get rid of this virus before. But since I misplaced my removal tool, I can’t download it again. Those who made the virus says
    their sight is under construction. I think this is total witchcraft.

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