Remove Genuinescansupport.com Pop-up

Users of the internet who frequently visit dubious websites frequently encounter pop-up ads and redirects that lead to the Genuinescansupport.com website. Remember that clicking any of the advertisements displayed by Genuinescansupport.com may cause problems with your browser.

Remove AnalyzerTemplate (Mac OS)

An example of Mac adware that is widely known and regarded as potentially unwanted application (PUA) is the AnalyzerTemplate. It operates on Mac computers to show obtrusive pop-up ads and advertisements on browser software like Safari or Google Chrome.

How to remove Raymarine.top Pop-up

Raymarine.top will be displayed in the browser when a user visits a suspicious website that is linked to various fraudulent online pages. Sites where Raymarine.top is displayed include torrent sites, streaming media, file downloading and gaming sites.

How to remove CapitaSearch

There seems to be no disapproving reaction from web users if they see Search.capita.space on homepage. Actually, the stunning graphics from this website amazes the spectator.

Remove My Map Directions

Browser hijackers are considered as potentially unwanted programs (PUP). Such malicious software can enter the computer without permission from online users. Mostly, they are bundled with other software. One of the browser hijackers penetrating computers recently is called My Map Directions.

Remove Brotherenuryc.pro Pop-ups

Brotherenuryc.pro pop ups targets a variety of web browsers especially the most well known ones such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox which a lot of internet users are relying on these days.

Remove Dolohen.com Pop-up Ads

Dolohen.com is a suspicious website that serves disturbing advertisements like excessive pop-ups and redirects. Seeing this ‘ad-rotator’ page on the browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox may indicate that adware is already present on the computer.

Remove LogicalSearch (Mac and Safari)

The existence LogicalSearch app or extension signifies insecure Mac system because it is considered as another computer threat from a malware group. Entry of this adware is normally caused by the download and installation of malicious software bundles obtained from unreliable sources.

Remove Search Web (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome extension called Search Web is part of adware group that produces many similar browser annoyances. This specific program promises to enhance online search experience of users. However, during diagnostics, it seems that it is just utilizing Yahoo Search. It means that Search Web do not have own capacity to support its claims.

Remove Hmining.mobi (Mac)

Existence of Hmining.mobi redirect on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers is a risk to ones online privacy and security. This adware intends to hijack all searches on compromised system and redirects them to suspicious search engine like Searchtechstart.com, SafeFinder.com, and so on.