Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw]

Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] is a potentially unwanted program that can be detected by Avast security product. This threat may download and install other threats when run into the computer. This detection process means to isolate malicious files and entities that are linked to malware or PUP. Potentially Unwanted Programs are software that aims to carry out changes on the computer or browser without user’s knowledge. In the issue of Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw], it will attempt to install other adware, toolbars, browser redirect, and hijack the home page of affected browser.

How does it infect the computer?


Packed with freeware or shareware, Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] spreads naturally and swiftly to computers. Authors behind this program normally bundles the adware so that user may install it unknowingly into the PC. Other known method to deploy Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] are via online promotions, social media sites, and fake software update web pages.


If Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] is executed on the computer, it will perform changes on known browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. The threat usually adds extension, add-on, or plug-in. It is also common for this type of threat to get install as browser helper object. Default search, home page, and unknown toolbar may also originate from Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] infection.


Aside from mentioned changes on the PC, Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] also installs files and folders. It can also make registry changes to load itself during Windows start-up.

How can you remove Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw]?

To totally remove Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] from the computer and get rid of relevant adware, please execute the procedures as stated on this page. Make sure that you have completely scan the system with suggested malware removal tools and virus scanners.

Quick Fix - Scan the PC with Combo Cleaner for Windows

Combo Cleaner is a trusted PC security and optimization tool equipped with a powerful virus and malware detection engine. This program can get rid of hazardous viruses like Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] through this procedure.

1. Download the application from the following page:

2. Save the file to your preferred location.

3. Double-click the downloaded file CCSetup.exe and install with the default settings.

CC for Windows Installation

4. At the end of the setup process, click Finish to run Combo Cleaner.

5. The tool will update the signature file, please wait for this process to complete.

6. To begin checking for threats like Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw], click on the Start Scan button. Wait for this scan to finish.

CC for Windows Start Scan

7. At the end of the scan process, click on Remove all threats to delete the Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] virus, including all malicious objects from the computer.

Free features of Combo Cleaner for Windows include Disk Cleaner, Big Files finder, Duplicate files finder, and Uninstaller. To use antivirus, privacy scanner, and to delete identified threats, users have to upgrade to a premium version.

Please continue with the succeeding removal procedures if you are comfortable manually getting rid of the virus and malicious items linked to it.

Step 1 : Scan the computer with Norton Power Eraser

1. Download Norton Power Eraser from the link below. Save the file on your hard drive.

2. Once the download completes, double-click on the file NPE.EXE to run the program.

3. You will be prompted with End User License Agreement. Please click on Accept to continue.

4. Norton Power Eraser will check for the most recent version. Then, the main window will appear. Click on Scan for Risks to the scan and removal process for Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw].


5. By default, Norton Power Eraser was configured to perform rootkit scan. This is essential to get rid of Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] or other relevant malware. To accomplish this, you will need to restart the computer. Please click Restart button.


6. After restarting Windows, the program will check for possible database update and then, proceeds with the scan. It may take a while, please wait for the scan process to complete.


7. Once scanning is done, Norton Power Eraser will display a list of threats including Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw]. Review identified threats and remove/repair them from the PC by clicking on Fix Now button.

8. If you are prompted to restart the computer in order to complete the virus removal process, please click on Restart Now.

Step 2 : Scan and remove Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] with Microsoft Security Software

Microsoft Windows has a built-in security application that you can use to double-check if your computer is still infected with Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw]. For Windows 8 and 10/11 users, please run Windows Security. Users of Windows Vista and older versions can utilize Microsoft Security Essentials to remove the Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] virus.

Windows 8 / 10 / 11 Instructions:

Windows Security is a free tool that was built to help you remove Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw], viruses, and other malicious items from Windows 8 or Windows 10/11 systems. Follow these procedures to scan your computer with the tool:

1. Tap or click the Search charm, search for Windows Security, and then open the application.

Image of Windows Security Search

2. On the Home tab, click Virus and threat protection from the sidebar.

3. On the main window, click on Scan Options. Then, click on Full Scan button.

Image of Scan Options

4. Lastly, click on the Scan now button to start scanning for the presence of Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw]. The process may take a while to complete.

5. After the scan, Delete/Quarantine identified threats, whether they were relevant to Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] or not. You may now restart Windows to complete the virus removal process.

How to protect the computer from Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw]?

Installing an anti-virus or anti-malware tool is the first line of protection for any computer user. This action is logical and is most likely the best technique to safeguard the computer from Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] attack. Consequently, remember that owning security software does not guarantee complete protection, especially for newer threats. We are presenting the following information as advice to safeguard the computer from virus infection because the bulk of prevention still relies on people being vigilant.

Avoid Malicious Websites

Numerous websites have been created only with the intention of disseminating Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw]. These websites frequently participate in the integration of harmful malicious pop-up and browser hijacker, which eventually lead to new malware outbreaks. Don't visit such websites.

Delete Phishing Emails

The attackers have the luxury of disseminating their dangerous code with just one send-off, thanks to the bulk digital mailing of computer viruses. This will look like an email from a reputable company when it enters the inbox. Therefore, it is best to delete any unusual emails that include links or attachments right away.

Do Not Click a Suspicious Link

Attackers occasionally use links from social media, forums, and blog sites to direct viewers to a malicious page that includes harmful code. Therefore, avoid clicking on random links, especially those that seem dubious. An infection with the Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] may result from an unintentional visit to the target website.

Be Careful When Downloading Files

Another way that the Win32:Mobogenie-O [Adw] malware spreads is through cracked software, serial key generators, and malicious shareware programs. Avoid obtaining these kinds of applications, and if you must download freeware or shareware, make sure to do so from a reputable source or the official website.

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