Computer security application called Microsoft Defender Antivirus can detect and remove the threat Trojan:HTML/Obfuse.SM!MTB. This detection is also carried out by other security programs, but their respective virus scans may identify this threat using a different name or alias.


Trojan:HTML/Obfuse.SM!MTB is a detection for a malicious website or file that are carrying out online scams like phishing, fake virus scan, bogus software update, and illicit traffic referral scheme. Normally, this threat is being used by the cyber criminals to mislead the computer users into accessing a website, which can jeopardize their online privacy and security.

How to remove Trojan:HTML/Obfuse.SM!MTB?

As soon as the presence of Trojan:HTML/Obfuse.SM!MTB is detected on the computer, immediate scanning is needed to get rid of the virus. The provided scanner below is proven effective in locating and deleting this threat.

The virus scan should be run in full mode. This is the best method to detect Trojan:HTML/Obfuse.SM!MTB or any relevant viruses from the computer. We also suggest running a full scan after disabling the System Restore to avoid reinstating the virus just in case that this feature is compromised.

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Trojan:HTML/Obfuse.SM!MTB belongs to a group of malicious HTML, Domain, or URL threats that computer users must not ignore as it can cause severe harm. Browsing the list of our Trojan HTML/URL can help the computer user in finding exact solution for the specific kind of threat.

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