Ransom:Win32/Hive.SD is a detection for a very hazardous computer virus that is able to deny the user’s access to their own files. This threat can be detected and removed by security application called Microsoft Defender Antivirus. Other efficient security software is also capable of identifying this virus, but it may present a different name or alias.


This threat pertains to a computer virus that hackers are using to extort money from the victims. As soon as Ransom:Win32/Hive.SD infects the computer, it is going to encrypt targeted files using a sophisticated technique. Then, it demands payment from the victim in order for them to gain access to a decryption software or key.

How to remove Ransom:Win32/Hive.SD?

Although the inflicted damage to the files are not reversible most of the time, computer security experts are suggesting to remove Ransom:Win32/Hive.SD from the system to prevent it from affecting newer files. Thorough virus scanning is suggested using the following tools:

The virus scan should be run in full mode. This is the best method to detect Ransom:Win32/Hive.SD or any relevant viruses from the computer. We also suggest running a full scan after disabling the System Restore to avoid reinstating the virus just in case that this feature is compromised.

For more help

Ransom:Win32/Hive.SD emerges from a group of hazardous ransomware and there are so many variations of it. We have a compilation of Ransomware that you can browse if specific removal procedure is needed.

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