Offered on this particular post is an explanation regarding the harmful computer virus called IDP.generic. Also included on the contents are Removal Guide, suggested Virus Scanner, and ways to Protect the Computer.

What is IDP.generic?

When IDP.generic is detected on the computer, it means that your antivirus program has identified an unusual infection that may not be registered in its pattern file. The detection of IDP.generic is part of an antivirus program process to flag up a common malicious object or behavior. In short, security applications will use this generic term to detect a harmful program on the computer whether it be a Trojan, spyware, adware, or virus.

Threat Behavior

Because IDP.generic detection covers a generalized file, it can in any forms or types. Hence, in most infection cases, this threat is detected on malicious freeware or shareware like free games, utilities, file-download tools, media converter and player, browser extension, and so on.

Some computers got infected with IDP.generic if users have downloaded and installed a pirated copy of commercial programs. Likewise, antivirus application can detect this threat on cracking programs or serial key generator that is being utilized to bypass the restrictions on unlicensed software.

There were cases and in fact many of them were the detection of IDP.generic are false positives. Meaning, the software or file was incorrectly labeled by the antivirus program due to its behavior and this will result to blocking or deletion.

If you are sure that the detection of IDP.generic is false positives, you may need to update your antivirus application to its recent version. In addition, you can double check the identified file by scanning it with other security programs or online virus scanner.

IDP.generic False Positive Workaround

To stop the antivirus application from detecting and deleting the IDP.generic identified file, please locate the quarantined item. Click on the wronged file and restore it. Finally, add the file to the exclusion list of the antivirus software to ignore it during scanning.

Illustration for IDP.generic

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