Microsoft Defender Antivirus is a security application that can detect and eliminate this kind of threat. Alternative security products are also capable of identifying this Trojan, but they may apply a different naming method or alias.


Trojan:Win32/DefenseEvasion!rfn is a malware that can download more threats and execute it on the target computer. This threat is also identified with backdoor capability that allows it to steal sensitive data from an infected computer. Attacker may also control the computer, upload and download file, and monitor the user’s key presses on the keyboard.


Trojan:Win32/CryptoMiner!MTB is a hazardous type of virus that can infiltrate the computer in different ways. Once it is inside the computer, it will execute various actions that will maliciously exploit the system.


If the Exploit:Win32/ShellCode!ml virus is detected on the computer, it means that a malicious file is trying to find a vulnerability in the system. Once it finds the spot, the virus will exploit this weakness to further infect the computer.


Microsoft Defender Antivirus or any sort of security application may detect Trojan:Win32/Sabsik.TE.B!ml on the computer if it is infected with a relevant virus. This malware commonly spread online through spam links, malicious torrent networks, dubious emails, and via another Trojan infection.

HTML: PhishingFB-TK

HTML: PhishingFB-TK is a threat that will download, decrypt and execute a remote file to harm the compromised system. This Trojan may also install a Browser Helper Object (BHO) that will run automatically when Internet browser executes.


Trojan:MSIL/GraceWire.DA!MTB is detection for a harmful file that may perform several actions when executed. This Trojan is part of a multi-component family of malicious files that controls the Internet browser by altering search results and gaining online profit for its authors.

Remove Boonfracto.fun Pop-up

Boonfracto.fun is a dubious domain or website which aims to display malicious phishing and fraudulent page services. In most of its operations, the website seeks to encourage web users to subscribe to its push notifications via Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Edge browser applications.

How to remove 1000-eur.cash Ads

The entire web visit to 1000-eur.cash website is completely without the request of web users. Commonly, they are driven into this website coming from another suspicious site that is executing a redirect campaign.


Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!rfn is a detection by Microsoft security products to identify threats that are part of Tiggre malware family. This virus is able to infiltrate the computer through the help of another threat like Trojan Dropper. Once inside the computer, Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!rfn is able to able to add malicious files and run relevant processes on Windows operating …

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