Trojans are computer virus that can convey through various methods and usually using Internet connection and compromised files. Most Trojans can be detected by security programs like Anti-virus and Anti-malware. However, there are still some Trojans that can conceal their presence by exploiting vulnerabilities on the operating system.


TrojanDownloader:O97M/ZLoader.AZ!MTB is a computer virus that was designed with the sole intention of opening a backdoor port on the infected computer, which will allow the remote attacker to access the infected system.


If Microsoft Defender Antivirus detects Trojan:Win32/CryptWrapper!MTB on the computer, it means that system is in great danger. The virus is known as carrier of different ransomware. Once it infects the computer, it can communicate to a remote server to download the ransomware module.


Trojan:Win32/Trickbot!Core is a data-stealing virus that can be identified by Microsoft Defender Antivirus. It commonly arrives at the computer as a file attached to email messages spammed and distributed by another malware or attackers.


Trojan:HTML/Phish!MTB is a detection for computer virus that infects the computer and forwards the browser pages to malicious sites. This kind of threat was made to steal web user’s credentials like username, passwords, and banking details.


TrojanDropper:MSIL/Perseus!rfn is a detection by Microsoft Defender Antivirus to identify a computer threat that is associated with ransomware activities. When this virus infects the computer, it is going to drop additional threat with known capabilities of ransomware, which will block user’s access to the crucial files like documents, photos, images, archives, database, and similar data.


Microsoft Defender Antivirus may detect Ransom:Win32/Makop!MSR if computer is infected with the type of virus that has an intention of blocking the access of users to the affected files. Technically, this virus is highly hazardous as it can cause damage to the system files.


Ransom:Win64/SolasoCrypt.MK!MTB is a detection for a hazardous crypto-virus. The infection that it causes to the computer often ended up with locking of vital files like documents, spreadsheets, images, photos, videos, and so on.


Ransom:Win32/BabukLocker.MK!MTB is a detection for a hazardous computer virus that was designed to infiltrate the computer and encrypts the most common files. This ransomware threat usually targets files with extensions like .doc, .xls, .ppt, .psd, .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp4, .mov, .mp3, .dwg, .pdf, and similar data.


Backdoor:Win32/Kelihos!rfn is a detection for computer virus that has backdoor abilities. Once it infects the computer, remote attacker can gain unauthorized entry and take control of the infected device.


Microsoft Defender Antivirus or similar security application may detect Trojan:Win32/TrickBotCrypt.ATR!MTB on the computer if it is infected with a virus that is capable of blocking access of users to their files.

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