Trojans are computer virus that can convey through various methods and usually using Internet connection and compromised files. Most Trojans can be detected by security programs like Anti-virus and Anti-malware. However, there are still some Trojans that can conceal their presence by exploiting vulnerabilities on the operating system.


Behavior:Win32/Mamadut.AL is a detection for an undesirable programs that acts malicious inside the infected computer. This detection by Microsoft Security Essentials or relevant anti-virus application are intended to capture files, programs, or malware that have suspicious behavior and possess features that are potentially harmful to the computer.


MonitoringTool:Win32/SentryPC is a detection for a computer virus which has backdoor functionality that will allow a remote attacker full but unauthorized access on the infected system.


Backdoor:MSIL/Chopper.H!dha is a detection of a malicious computer virus, which attempts to remove users’ access to their own files. This virus can infiltrate into the system with various sneaku methods that take advantage of vast computer connections over the Internet.


Trojan:Win32/Mansabo!MTB is a data theft computer threat which can be identified through Microsoft Defender Antivirus. It generally happens to the computer as a file attached to spam emails and distributed by another malware or attackers.


Trojan:MSIL/Injector.CH!MTB is a detection by Microsoft Defender Antivirus for identifying a computer threat which is associated with ransomware activities. As soon as this virus infects the computer system, it will install additional threat with that can perform several malicious actions.


Program:Win32/Ymacco.AA30 is a detection of a malicious application or computer virus which may block the user’s access to its files. Other computer security software can identify this threat like FileCoder, Flamingo, PWSX, Cryptor, or MSIL.


TrojanSpy:MSIL/Tnega.RIA!MTB is a detection by Microsoft Defender Antivirus for a computer threat which may place a copy of additional malware on the device. Vital information from computer users is also in jeopardy when the system is infected with this virus.


When the virus Behavior:Win32/SuspProcessLaunch.A!dha is detected on the computer, it denotes that malicious file or application is currently bothering the system. The detection was designed to catch computer virus that was developed to perform highly dangerous actions towards the infected system.


Backdoor:Win64/Ligolo.B!dha is a computer virus that Microsoft Security Defender can detect. When the system is infected with this kind of malware, user may experience different kinds of malfunction especially when Backdoor:Win64/Ligolo.B!dha disables certain processes that are part of system, security, and basic operation.


Virus:Win32/Grenam.A is a computer threat that may perform a number of unnecessary measures on the compromised computer system. This detection was made to identify malware that acts like a Trojan and uses various deceptive tactics to penetrate the computer especially Windows OS.