Trojans are computer virus that can convey through various methods and usually using Internet connection and compromised files. Most Trojans can be detected by security programs like Anti-virus and Anti-malware. However, there are still some Trojans that can conceal their presence by exploiting vulnerabilities on the operating system.


Trojan:Win32/CrimsonRat.A!rfn Trojan is a computer virus that enters the system through various software exploits. This Trojan has a rootkit function where in it can hide malicious process inside the infected computer.


Trojan:Win32/Dridex.EDC!MTB is a heuristic detection for malicious computer file. It will attempt to steal online banking credentials of victims. It may also gather other confidential data from the infected computer that hacker may use for other prevalent attacks.


Trojan:MSIL/Remcos.EJ!MTB is a harmful Trojan that attempt to connect to a remote server and download malicious files on to the infected computer. The Trojan also cause severe annoyances like displaying of excessive advertisements and browser redirection.


Trojan:MSIL/Disstl.ACH!MTB is a computer Trojan that will provide remote access so that attacker may gain control over an infected system. The Trojan may add more harm when it connects to a remote server to fetch supplementary configuration file to update itself.


Trojan:MSIL/ClipBanker.DA!MTB is a backdoor Trojan that will give unauthorized access to a remote attacker to gain control of the infected computer. Trojan:MSIL/ClipBanker.DA!MTB will also steal sensitive information such as user name and password by recording user’s keystroke and web browsers activity.


Ransom:Win32/PolyRansom.STA is a notorious computer virus that enters the system in the form of a file from another viral infection. Furthermore, this threat could enter the computer if the web user accidentally downloaded or accessed a corrupted file while visiting malicious websites.


Microsoft Defender Antivirus or similar security application can detect Behavior:Win32/LOLGfxDwnW.A during its existence on the computer. This identification system aims at discovering potentially malicious files and objects that have suspicious behaviors.


Trojan:MSIL/ElysiumStealer.DJ!MTB is a Microsoft Defender Antivirus detection of the computer threat that possesses illegal data collection on the infected system. If anti-virus software displays an alert about Trojan:MSIL/ElysiumStealer.DJ!MTB it indicates that sensitive computer data is at risk.


Computer security application such as Microsoft Defender Antivirus may identify Behavior:Win32/Ransomware!GenD.T on the computer if relevant malicious file is present. This detection is focusing on misbehavior by files or process that can harm the system.