The virus named Seroxen is linked to the file called $sxr-mshta.exe. If you’ve installed and activated it, the presence of the $sxr-mshta.exe file indicates the existence of an infected program on your computer.

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The virus known as Seroxen is associated with the program $sxr-cmd.exe. The existence of the $sxr-cmd.exe file verifies the presence of an infected program on your computer, provided you have installed and enabled it.

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The program $sxr-powershell.exe is reportedly associated with a virus known as Seroxen. If you’ve installed this program and it’s currently active on your computer, the presence of the $sxr-powershell.exe file is confirmation of its existence.

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Atuct Application Virus

What is Atuct Application? It is stated that the Atuct Application is a component of the crypto miner virus. The presence of this file just validates that the threat is currently functioning on the computer and may cause severe damage while operational.

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