A number of computer threats are capable of changing the settings in the internet browser application even without the intervention of the user. Microsoft Defender Antivirus normally identifies this threat as BrowserModifier. Other security applications may detect it also, but the name may be different from our subject.


BrowserModifier:Win32/DealPly!MTB is a name given to a malicious application that changes the internet browser settings to favor its malicious operation. For example, it can hijack the homepage, assign a different search engine, or display aggressive advertisements on the browser. This kind of threat usually leads to added infection and therefore, immediate removal is recommended.

How to remove BrowserModifier:Win32/DealPly!MTB?

If antivirus application senses the presence of this threat, it is vital to run a full scan to locate and eliminate the threat. The following tools are effective for this kind of browser threat.

The virus scan should be run in full mode. This is the best method to detect BrowserModifier:Win32/DealPly!MTB or any relevant viruses from the computer. We also suggest running a full scan after disabling the System Restore to avoid reinstating the virus just in case that this feature is compromised.

For more help

BrowserModifier:Win32/DealPly!MTB have many variants, which was made to aggressively attack the internet browser application. A list of BrowserModifier is provided along with removal procedures.

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