Remove Windows Antivirus Master malware

Windows Antivirus Master is a computer virus infection from makers of fake antivirus product. This program is also called by security experts as rogue software as it masquerade as a real security tool. Actually, Windows Antivirus Master displays fake alerts and virus scan results to deceive victims and make them think that computer is under attack with viruses, Trojans and malware.

Windows Antivirus Master normally infiltrates a computer through the use of Trojans that locates security flaws on the system. Similar to older variants like Windows Efficiency Master, this fake program will get installed without your knowledge. During installation, this malware will drop certain files and create random folders on the computer. File names used by Windows Antivirus Master virus are also randomized to elude antivirus programs.

It is configured to start a scan every time you start Windows. Once loaded, it can also perform other task aside from the fake scan. Windows Antivirus Master also shows fake alerts and warning about several threats present on the computer. Threats will be located on your computer even if it is clean and free from threats.

Windows Antivirus Master

You must realize how harmful Windows Antivirus Master is. Therefore, you must remove it from the computer immediately to avoid further damage. We do not advise paying for the registration key of this rogue program. However, you may use free serial key to activate Windows Antivirus Master and remove it with ease when your computer is fully functional.

How to Remove Windows Antivirus Master

Stage 1: Activating the Rogue Program

To easily uninstall Windows Antivirus Master, we need to upgrade it to full version. As you can observe, computer has limited function. Thus, it is difficult to perform removal procedure at this stage. To activate Windows Antivirus Master, click on Buy Full Edition button at the bottom of the console and enter the serial number below. If it prompts for email address, you can input anything you want.

Windows Antivirus Master Activation Code: 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0020

Stage 2: Scan the Computer with ESET Rogue Application Remover (ERAR)

1. Download the free scanner called ESET Rogue Application Remover.
Download Link for ERAR (this will open a new window)

2. Choose appropriate version for your Windows System. Save the file to a convenient location, preferably on Desktop.

3. After downloading the file, Windows will prompt that download has completed. Click Run to start the program. Another option is to browse the location folder and double click on the file ERARemover_.exe.


4. On ESET Rogue Application Remover SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS, click Accept to continue.

5. The tool will start scanning the computer. It will prompt when it finds Windows Antivirus Master and other malicious entities. Follow the prompt to proceed with the removal.


Stage 3: Double-check for Windows Antivirus Master’ leftover with Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool

1. Download the free scanner called Malicious Software Removal Tool.
Malicious Software Removal Tool Download Link (this will open a new window)


2. The tool automatically checks the operating system and suggest appropriate download version. Click on Download button to begin. Save the file to a convenient location, preferably on Desktop.

3. After downloading the file, Windows will prompt that download has completed. Click Run to start scanning for Windows Antivirus Master. Another option is to browse the location folder and double click on the file to run.


4. The tool will display Welcome screen, click Next. Please note the message “This tool is not a replacement for an antivirus product.” You must understand that this program is made specifically to find and remove malware, viruses, Trojans, and other harmful elements on the computer. It was not designed to protect the computer.


5. Next, you will see Scan Type. Please choose Full Scan to ensure that all Windows Antivirus Master entities and other harmful files left on the computer will be found and removed. For advanced computer user, you can opt for Customized Scan, if there are other drives or folders you wanted to include in this scan.


6. Full scan may take a while, please wait for Malicious Software Removal Tool to complete the tasks. However, you may cancel the scan anytime by clicking on the Cancel button.


7. After scanning, the tool will reveal all identified threats. There may be other threats that our first scan fails to detect. Please remove/delete all detected items.

8. When removal procedure is complete, you may now close Malicious Software Removal Tool. We hope that Windows Antivirus Master have been completely deleted from the computer. Please restart Windows to proceed with the normal operation.

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