Remove RedBoot Screen Locker

RedBoot is a harmful virus which was made to lock your computer and deny access to your own data. Unlike other ransomware, this malware will not only encrypt files, it also modifies partition table on the computer and totally denies access to Windows. RedBoot prompts users to send given ID key to email address in order to have payment method and full instructions to unlock the computer including all encrypted files.

Normally, RedBoot virus attacks a computer with the help of another malware, Trojan, or virus. It find flaws on the system which it will utilized as an entry point so that the process is hidden to most antivirus programs. It may arrive on the computer through spam email messages and links coming from suspicious social media account.

The lock window contains the following messages:

This computer and all of its files have been locked! Send an email to containing your ID key for instructions on how to unlock them…


System Restore of Windows may help in resolving issues with viruses and malware. However, it will not settle problems with encrypted files if ever there are any. If your computer is running on Windows Vista/7 or later, perhaps ‘Previous Versions’ may help restore files from backup.

How to Remove RedBoot

There are still ongoing research on this RedBoot screen locker and ransomware. However, based on initial analysis by computer security experts, RedBoot is not just another type of ransomware. It can also be considered as “wiper” which means total devastation to victims as there is no way to reverse all the changes it has made and nothing is left recoverable.

We will update this section as soon as we have updates on this malware and found a way to remove RedBoot from the computer.

Post Last Modified On September 25, 2017

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