How to remove FreeSearchConverters

Complete removal of FreeSearchConverters must be performed at once to restore safety and security on the browser program. Because of this, our page contains areas for PC Removal Guide, Mac Removal Steps, and ways to Clean the browser settings.

Presence of FreeSearchConverters on homepage of browser application is precursor that it is under the control of dubious extension. This browser add-on is known to be efficient in altering configuration on its own without requiring interaction from computer users. Aside from homepage, FreeSearchConverters will also dominate new tab and default search engine pages. This invasive mechanism of browser hijacker is one trait why computer security experts deemed it as a threat under the category of potentially unwanted program (PUP).

Its existence on various pages of the browser is the only obvious sign visible to users. Unknown to them, FreeSearchConverters may also accomplish discrete monitoring of user’s browsing activities. This unwanted program may collect vital information from browsers like search keywords, browsing history, and other personal identifiable data. Gathered data is misuse by adware author in the sole objective of displaying specific advertisements that are attractive to victims. Thus, FreeSearchConverters may boost its revenue from this advertising campaign.

Screenshot of FreeSearchConverters

Some users find browser hijacker too annoying and they resort to immediate removal of this adware. However, they fail most of the time due to presence of browser helper object and other codes on the browser that can reinstate FreeSearchConverters each time browser starts. Therefore, to properly get rid of FreeSearchConverters, make sure that all programs relevant to it are also deleted. For a complete guide in removing browser hijackers from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Edge, please see the special section below. As stated, it is important to scan the computer with anti-virus and anti-malware tool to find and delete malicious objects relevant to FreeSearchConverters.

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