Remove “All Day Savings” Coupons and Toolbar

“All Day Savings” is a malicious program that can interfere with your Internet browsing activity. It will show pop-up ads, coupons, deals, and discount for irrelevant products. This commercial contents coming from “All Day Savings” affiliates may be useful to others, but worthless to many who are not inclined to online shopping. Some computer users who get in touch with “All Day Savings” deemed it as part of virus activity.

In the presence of “All Day Savings”, it attached itself to known browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox without user’s consent. In short, instant appearance of “All Day Savings” coupons or ads comes as a surprise, especially if user has no involvement in the installation.

Normally, freeware is the main source of this adware. Free programs are packed together with “All Day Savings” so that both runs in single installation process. What user don’t know is adware is being installed, not only the preferred software. “All Day Savings” coupons and comparison intends to give online shoppers a tool to balance on online deals and get the best offer. Coupons and savings are also provided as a pop-up and will appear when user is browsing online shopping sites.


If you feel that “All Day Savings” is not in any way helpful, we suggest removing it from the computer. It may have other purpose like recording some of your browsing data that may lead to identity theft.

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How to Remove “All Day Savings” Adware

Step 1 : Use Add/Remove program of Windows to Uninstall “All Day Savings”

The main cause of adware and malware presence could be software that you may have installed on the computer. We need to uninstall the culprit program.

1. Click Windows Start button. Next, select Control Panel from the list.

2. Find the ‘Programs‘ area and click on Uninstall a program. This opens up a window showing existing software installed.


3. Look for and remove “All Day Savings” or Delaware entry. If not present, look for any suspicious labels that was installed recently.

4. Click on Uninstall to start removing the program.

Step 2: Scan and Delete Adware with AdwCleaner

1. Download the tool called AdwCleaner from the location stated below.
Click here to download AdwCleaner (this will open a new window)

2. Once you have completed the download, please close all running programs on the computer.

3. Locate the file and double-click on adwcleaner_Ver.exe to start running the tool. Then, click on Scan button.


4. It searches for presence of harmful programs, plug-ins, add-ons, or any data that were found malicious and linked to “All Day Savings”. You need to Clean all items detected by this tool.

5. Once scan is done, the tool may need to reboot your computer to finalize the cleaning process.

6. After reboot, AdwCleaner will display the log file of the recent scan.

Step 3: Remove Adware Add-on and Cleanup the Browser

After the previous scans, you may have deleted “All Day Savings” from the affected browser. This next step will ensure that no more module of adware will be left on the browser. This free tool scans and checks the browser for unwanted add-on and extension, and if found, Avast Browser Cleanup will give you a report and suggestion.

1. Download this free tool and save it to your desktop.
Avast Browser Cleanup Download Link (This will open in a new window)

2. Please install the program. Start the process by double-clicking on the executable file avast-browser-cleanup-sfx.exe.

3. When run, Avast Browser Cleanup performs a test on the browser. If unwanted entries were found, it will display a button ‘Remove all add-ons listed below and cleanup browser.’ You may remove all or delete one entry at a time.

Avast Browser Scanner

4. Avast Browser Cleanup will confirm before it permanently deletes the add-on. Please click Yes to proceed with the removal of “All Day Savings” on the affected browser.

Post Last Modified On May 22, 2014

14 thoughts on “Remove “All Day Savings” Coupons and Toolbar”

  1. No matter what I do I cannot remove this. I’ve scanned with multiple programs and nothing is found, I’ve checked my addons and programs and I found nothing. I’ve searched up and down on my system and cannot find anything to do with this. It just will not leave.

  2. Help! I ran both programs and they say that my computer is clean, but I am still getting these popups. They are killing me and making my computer impossible to use.

  3. Unbelievable, you would think there would be a YouTube video or something more useful than Control Panel > Uninstall. Its already uninstalled, there is no add-on in my browser, it isn’t even showing up in my task manager. Every single page I visit they just want you to use their useless Malware program, I’ve tried 3 already and they all said nothing was detected.

  4. The same problem with my computer, I followed the instructions above and it still there. so annoying!!

  5. I managed to remove All Day Savings from the PC. Apart from the instructions here, you also need to remove “unknown” program from Control Panel. Mine got adware like Shopper Pro, Iwebar, and Object Browser, which I didn’t think of as malicious items. You may not find the same programs, but you can arrange the list to show the most recent items installed. If it is not familiar, just uninstall it.

    Another you should do is remove the start-up item of All Day Savings. Follow this procedure:
    1. On Start Menu, type MSCONFIG on Run dialog box. You may also search it in WIndows8.
    2. It will bring up the System Configuration window.
    3. Click on Startup tab.
    4. Find “All Day Savings” and any suspicious items and remove the check mark beside them. This will remove the adware from the start-up process.
    5. Click Apply, OK, then restart Windows.

  6. Thank you Malwarefixes and
    The above step definitely works. There is one more set of steps you will need to complete, as the malware is written into your PC’s registry.

    ”WARNING” only do this is you know what your doing or are qualified or have the experience in removing malware before from windows registry: Try running cc cleaner (registry tab) before taking this step if your not sure.

    Whilst your in “MSCONFIG”
    1) Select “Tools” tab.
    2) Scroll down and Select “Registry Editor”.
    3) Click “Launch”. The registry editor will open.
    4) Select “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” and double click. A list of folders will expand beneath.
    5) Select “Software” folder and double click. A list of the software folders will expand beneath.
    6) Select the “Alldaysavings” and Right Click & Select “Delete”. To remove malware folder.
    7) VIP: RESTART your pc and then select Start and the Run or in search, enter MSconfig and repeat steps 1,2,3.
    8) NEXT Select “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” and double click. A list of folders in “uppercase” will expand beneath.
    9) Select “SOFTWARE” folder, double click. A further list of software will appear. NOTE: depending on how many browser’s your pc has infected (in my case two) you will find multiple folders of “Alldaysavings”
    10) Select the “Alldaysavings” folder, one at a time then “Right Click” select delete, each time. To remove malware.
    11) Final step: After completing the above (step 9) in the “SOFTWARE” folder, scroll down to the beginning with the name “Wow….Node’” (NOTE: Depending on system name will vary, the name format is, WowNumberNode. For example in windows 8.1 64 bit, the folder is,”Wow6432Node”
    12) Select double click to expand the list of files and select the “Alldaysavings” folder/s one at a time, and right click delete. To remove malware.
    13) Restart your computer.
    All the big companies including “MS” and ”G” haven’t a solution for this yet (or a making money from the service). Avast which I recommend running a “Bootime” scan and a “rootkit” scan just to make sure the malware is deleted. Norton antivirus I am led to believe is equally efficient. Though the above pc software surgery, is the best solution. Safe Surfing.
    My background is I am a qualified A+ IT Professional Technician. My motivation for sharing this solution is I value the loss of time that has been incurred, being harassed by attention seeking programming.

    Safe Surfing.

  7. I’ve uninstall this numerous times and nothing but with your help, I did find it hidden in “Wow….Node’”. Hopefully I have removed it all. Thank you.

  8. Charles-I followed your instructions to the letter and cleared this pernicious garbage from my son’s desktop (Windows7) in a matter of minutes. I don’t usually post comments, but on the off chance you check in, I wanted to thank you.
    Random acts of kindness aren’t always acknowledged, so thanks again, it was much appreciated.
    Cheers, Mike

  9. These instructions for getting rid of All Day Savings have been a god send to me. Many, many thanks for guiding me through the process to rid my computer of these annoying adverts. I might add that I have now also been able to get rid of many other programs which have infected my laptop through disguised additions to downloads. This has been 100% better that downloading other rubbish which falsely guaranteed ridding me of the “malware”. You are a SAINT!

  10. I HATE all day savings. I’m going to have to delete my Google Chrome browser TOTALLY to get rid of this adware.

  11. Thank you Charles! Guys, he knows what he’s talking about!! I didn’t necessarily follow all of his steps, but his basis was definitely what got me to where I needed so I could terminate this piece-of-crap virus once and for all hehe! Once I got into the registry, I simply used Ctrl+F to separately search for anything containing the 3 dreaded words: all, day, savings. Once again, thank you so much Charles!!

  12. You’re awesome man. Many thanks your directions and professional skill are the only things that have worked with this all day savings BS! I hope your paid well and appreciated wherever you work.

  13. I tried “system restore” set to 2 months before the AllDay Savings was added. That seemed to work for me

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