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Remove Search.porterice.com (Mac)

Macintosh based browser redirect called Search.porterice.com was designed to target known internet applications like Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. This unwanted search engine normally loads on the browser following the installation of dubious extension called Porterice. Read more »

How to Remove Porterice (Mac)

Ad-supported application named Porterice is a Macintosh-based unwanted program. It may work well with freeware publishers and shareware developers because it claims to monetize software installation. On the part of end-user, Porterice affirms to yield faster downloads and will let them install programs the easy way through its highly optimized process. Read more »

Remove Search.heasyphotoeditor.co (Chrome, Firefox, IE)

Search.heasyphotoeditor.co is a browser redirect that originates from Polarity adware family. This browser nuisance can do unwanted changes on browser if user installs related extension or program made specifically to be integrated on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Read more »

How to Remove Search.terraarcade.com

Search.terraarcade.com is a questionable homepage search tool. By being part of adware program called Terra Arcade, the said web address can be considered suspicious. Its sudden existence on internet application supports the claim of many users that Search.terraarcade.com is an invasive adware. Read more »

How to Remove Search.htransitlocator.co

Search.htransitlocator.co is an unreliable homepage search tool. Its main objective for being on the start-up page is to force users to utilize the unwanted search engine. Therefore, computer is in great danger because Search.htransitlocator.co can forward the browser to malicious websites that can cause adware or malware infection. Read more »

Remove Search.hrecipenetwork.co (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari)

Search.hrecipenetwork.co is a homepage hijacker that targets popular browser applications like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Even though it is not classed as hazardous infection, this adware can still lead to serious threats because it can redirect browser pages to suspicious websites. Read more »

Remove Home.packagetracker.co Search

Home.packagetracker.co is an unwanted homepage, which at first glance will never cause user any doubt about its illicit behavior. It may be endorsed as worthy search engine that enhances yousers online browsing experience. But in reality, abrupt existence of Home.packagetracker.co on web browser only implies that adware may have gotten inside the computer. Read more »

Remove “Be Like Water” (Google Chrome)

Be Like Water” is a doubtful Google Chrome extension that can easily bypass user’s attention during installation. It usually enters the computer as part of malicious software bundles in disguise of free utilities, tools, games, media players, and so on. Read more »

Remove Easy Compare (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome browser extension called Easy Compare is considered one of the numerous unwanted program that belongs to family of adware. This one claims to enhance online shopping experience of users. The unwanted program asserts to provide shopping deals, online savings, discounts, and price comparisons, It generally enters the computer while taking advantage of free programs currently offered on various websites. Read more »

Remove EZ-Content (Google Chrome)

EZ-Content is a Google Chrome extension that emerges from adware family. It is endorsed as a useful tool that enhances online experience of web users. EZ-Content claims to hide all annoying advertisements from web pages. Read more »