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Remove Find Active Coupons

Find Active Coupons is a malicious program that can interfere with your Internet browsing activity. It will show pop-up ads, coupons, deals, and discount for irrelevant products. This commercial contents coming from Find Active Coupons affiliates may be useful to others, but worthless to many who are not inclined to online shopping. Read more »

Remove Search.searchmpct.com Homepage

Its official web site reveals that Search.searchmpct.com is a legitimate browser add-on that enhances you web browsing experience by improving the outcome of online search results. Like known search engine as Google and Bing, Search.searchmpct.com employs simple and clean user interface. Therefore, many computer users are deceived with this unwanted search engine. Read more »

Remove Weather Forecast Alerts

Weather Forecast Alerts is presented as browser extension that will give you quick access on weather forecast. Aside from this feature, hidden motive of this program is to generate revenue through advertising scheme. Typically, ads shown by Weather Forecast Alerts are usually targeted based on gathered data from your computer. Read more »

Uninstall InboxNow (Removal Guide)

InboxNow is a toolbar, new tab, and malicious browser extension. Users normally got this adware from third-party programs, freeware, and shareware. It is bundled to free programs and sometimes offered as added app to install. Read more »

Remove GetCouponsFast

GetCouponsFast is a browser extension made specifically for Google Chrome browser. It claims to give user access to free printable coupons from popular websites without leaving their current browser tab. Read more »

Remove SerbRansom 2017 Virus

SerbRansom 2017 ransom virus enters the computer through spam email messages. It disguises as important correspondence that entices user to open attached file. Lately, subject such as invoice, payments, delivery, purchases, and taxes are widely used. Read more »

Remove “You Have a Zeus Virus! Please call…” Pop-up

“You Have a Zeus Virus! Please call…” pop-up is a small program that is integrated into the system or visited website to be able to promote computer assistance service via phone number 1800-363-782. You may get this program by downloading and installing shareware applications or fake software update. By packing malicious applet into other software, developers are hoping to spread the service fast and easy. Read more »

Remove Searcheasyra.com

If Searcheasyra.com occupies start-up page, home page, or new tab of your browser, there is a reason to believe that adware may have infected the computer. This invasion can be traced to installation of shareware, freeware, or third-party application. Read more »

Remove Searcheasyma.com Hijacker

Searcheasyma.com or also called Easy Maps Access Search is a potential computer threat. It is classed as browser hijacker that can be installed on the computer as extension. This adware enters the computer with the help of doubtful freeware or shareware. Read more »