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The infection of the computer by potentially unwanted programs (PUP) leads to browser redirection and annoying pop-ups. Once the internet browser application is infected, unexpected browser redirection to unknown and dubious websites persists. To compel web users to visit specified websites, PUP or adware can cause malicious webpages to open in the browser.


One example of a browser redirect is It tries to trick website users into approving alerts from their site. Push notifications requesting alerts will begin to appear on Users of the web agree to enable browser notifications by clicking the “Allow” box. After then, the browser will be inundated with pop-up advertisements, banner advertisements, and surveys. Without the control of online users, such advertisements will continue to display on the computer screen.

The browser can also connect to other questionable websites like gambling platforms, unauthorized download websites, and phishing websites. Additionally, offers click-bait to website visitors. Additional visits to may result in malware infections on the computer. Once clicked, some advertisements or buttons can install harmful software for you. Therefore, when the website opens, be careful with any clickable buttons.

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The dangers of pop-up and redirects

Unwanted software might cause pop-up windows to open, launching A sudden reroute to can be dangerous, especially if users have given this site permission to send them warnings. When delivers notifications to the browser, the threat will begin. The online activities of web users will be disrupted by persistent advertisements and pop-up windows. In order to earn money through pay-per-click, displays a lot of advertisements. Additionally, visiting hacked websites is another technique to get to open in your browser. These websites may display pop-ups or advertising from The redirection started when internet users clicked on those.

Technical Details
Initial pop-up goalPrompting web user to Allow push notification. If granted, will use this feature to send aggressive pop-up ads.
Website purposeTo display different kinds of malicious ads on the browser using the push notification window of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
Current IP address172.99.190.180

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