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The web browser program is redirected by to a dubious online search page. This unique alteration is mostly caused by a browser hijacking technique. When a malicious program, such as, is installed on the system, it can change web browser settings to assign its own URL and compel users to use the custom online search feature.

Even without the user’s consent, the browser’s default search engine, new tab page, and home page can all be changed. Internet applications will start to function in a unique way. Many pop-ups and advertisements will be visible to website visitors on their browsers. Even if an online user shuts down the ad window, it will still display in an extremely obtrusive way on their browser.’s ads are persistent because this specific adware was created to make money online. has the ability to alter the security options for a selected browser application. It stops computer users from rolling back the modifications to the default configuration. is one of the undesirable applications causing the misbehavior; thus, removing them is one option to restore the browser settings.

On the internet, there are free tools that can be used to scan the computer for the existence of viruses or adware. You can get these useful apps for detecting dangerous malware for free by using the links below.

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The Infection

Software download packages from dubious websites may contain potentially unwanted programs (PUP). These are typically spread via freeware like games, phony software upgrades, and utilities. Numerous types of adware might enter the computer through questionable bundled apps. It could be,,, or another malicious program of a similar nature.

When installing dubious software bundles, computer users will never detect that the installation process is suspect in any way. ends up being installed on the computer of an unsuspecting web user since certain installers fail to warn users when a PUP or adware is about to be installed. Unwanted programs can infect computers without the knowledge of computer users because of this covert installation process.



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