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By CK Quinito | Posted on April 18, 2020 |

BestCouponsNow Promos is a deceptive computer program that presumably improves the internet search experience of web user by generating the most relevant results. In addition to that, this browser extension asserts to provide coupons and quick links to online savings, deals, and saving tips. However, these false claims aim to trick web user to install BestCouponsNow on internet browser application. In fact, BestCouponsNow can infiltrate the computer without the online user’s permission. Moreover, BestCouponsNow deploys intrusive advertisements on the browser resulting to distract the web user’s browsing experience. For these reasons, BestCouponsNow is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP).

After infiltrating the computer, BestCouponsNow Promos assigns the usual browser application’s homepage into, replacing user’s preference. This modification cannot be easily reversed because every attempt of the web user is automatically reassigned to the new browser settings. Furthermore, the well-behaved browser will begin to operate maliciously by redirecting the web user into unfamiliar web pages. Potentially unwanted programs like BestCouponsNow can trigger browser redirects that significantly diminish the web user’s browsing experience. These reasons are the main cause why BestCouponsNow is classified as a browser hijacker.

Apart from that, BestCouponsNow will cause the browser to deliver ads and pop-ups in different forms such as banner, coupons, or surveys. Web users should bear in mind that such ads are not originated from the websites they are visiting. Another thing is, some ads from BestCouponsNow conceal underlying content containing malicious codes that automatically execute once clicked. Clicking ads or pop-ups may lead to further malware infections. In addition, the browser infected by BestCouponsNow cannot be able to generate accurate search results. Instead, the infected browser can possibly present untrustworthy search results linking to bogus sites. These actions of BestCouponsNow on the computer are the usual operations of a browser hijacker. In addition, the real purpose of browser hijacker like BestCouponsNow is to produce income for the developers. It does not really intend to provide useful functionality.


BestCouponsNow is often installed on the computer as a bundle with other programs. Software bundling is the installation of unwanted programs with regular software. Research shows that the developers intentionally hide unwanted programs within the Custom or Advanced settings. Plenty of computer users do not observe caution during the download and installation process. By skipping and rushing the process, they accidentally install unwanted programs like BestCouponsNow without understanding.

BestCouponsNow Removal Procedure

Below is a systematic instruction that is very useful in getting rid of the potentially unwanted program (PUP) from compromised computer.

In order to totally eliminate the threat, it is vital to follow the process in exact manner.

Stage 1: Delete Browser Extension

Most adware and unwanted programs are using a program called browser extension to be able to take over the settings of internet applications. Therefore, we highly recommend to check and remove the extension that is closely related to BestCouponsNow.

Remove BestCouponsNow Extension from Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome browser.

2. Type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and press Enter on keyboard.

Chrome Extensions

3. Find BestCouponsNow or relevant entry and remove it from Google Chrome.

Uninstall BestCouponsNow Extension from Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Type about:addons in the address bar and press Enter on keyboard.

Firefox Extensions

3. Choose Extensions on sidebar menu.

4. Look for object that is pertaining to BestCouponsNow and remove it from the browser.

Remove BestCouponsNow Add-ons from Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer program.

2. Go to top Menu and click Tools. Then, select Manage Add-ons from the drop-down list.

Internet Explorer Add-ons

3. Look for and Remove or Disable entries of BestCouponsNow from Toolbars and Extension and Search Providers section.

4. Close the window and restart Internet Explorer.

If BestCouponsNow is still present on the IE browser, another option is to remove the adware from Windows Control Panel.

5. Press Windows Key + R and then, type appwiz.cpl command.

6. Program and Features window will open. Arrange the list in chronological manner with recently installed applications on top. To do this, click on ‘Installed On‘ column.

Add-Remove Adware

7. Select BestCouponsNow or recently installed unwanted entry. Then, click on Uninstall to remove it from Windows system.

Stage 2: Scan and Delete Adware with AdwCleaner

In addition to the procedure, we suggest scanning the computer with AdwCleaner tool. Possibly, there are some traces of BestCouponsNow on the browser that was not deleted during the preceding steps. This tool will scan the computer and check for presence of malicious applications.

1. Follow the link below to download the tool called AdwCleaner.
Click here to download AdwCleaner (this will open a new window)

2. When the download has completed, please close all running programs on the computer especially browsers affected by BestCouponsNow.

3. Browse the location of the downloaded file and double-click on adwcleaner_Ver.exe to start running the tool. Then, click on Scan button.


4. AdwCleaner searches the computer for malicious programs, extensions, plug-ins, adware, and any items that may be associated to BestCouponsNow.

5. Clean or Remove all suspicious and harmful items identified after the thorough scan.

6. After the cleanup procedure, rebooting the computer is required to finalize the removal of detected threats.

Stage 3: Scan the Computer with Sophos Virus Removal Tool

Lastly, we will scan the computer with a multi-function security program. This will inspect the computer for possible presence of virus, malware, rootkit, adware as well as unwanted homepage like BestCouponsNow.

1. Download Sophos Virus Removal Tool from the link below. Save the file on your computer where you can easily access it.
Sophos Virus Removal Tool Download Link (this will open a new window)

2. Once the download completes, browse the location of the file. Double-click to run the program and begin the install process. If Windows prompts for User Account Control, please click Yes to proceed.


3. On first windows of installation wizard, click Next to continue. Then, it will display the program’s License Agreement. You need to Accept the terms in order to proceed.

4. On succeeding windows, click Next or Continue to carry on with the installation. After completing the installation process, Launch Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

5. Internet connection is required when running this scanner in order to download important updates. Make sure that everything is up-to-date to effectively remove malicious program like BestCouponsNow.

6. Click the  button to  carry out the Scan. This will check the system for presence of malicious objects, malware, and viruses. The tool reveals items that were found linked to BestCouponsNow and other suspicious entities. Be sure to remove all identified threats.


Option: Alternative Method to Clean Up Internet Browser from BestCouponsNow

Not all adware and PUP’s are the same. Some cannot be removed by deleting relevant extensions and codes. On this instances, resetting the browser to default configuration is the only best solution. If BestCouponsNow is still bothering you after completing all the steps above, please execute the procedures below to reset the settings of affected browser program.

Use Chrome Clean Up Tool to Delete BestCouponsNow

1. Open Google Chrome application.

2. Type this strings in the address box: chrome://settings/ and then, press Enter on keyboard.

3. Scroll down and expand Advanced settings area.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Reset and Cleanup section.

5. Click on Clean Up Computer. On next page, please click FIND to proceed.

Clean Up Computer

This feature of Google Chrome aims to find harmful software and remove it instantly. If unable to delete BestCouponsNow, the other option is to Reset Google Chrome settings to its original defaults. Just go back to previous page (Clean Up Computer) and reset the settings. See more details on this page.

Reset Mozilla Firefox to Default

If Mozilla Firefox is affected by BestCouponsNow and procedures above were not helpful, we suggest that you carry out these steps. This process can fix the issue by restoring Firefox browser to default factory state. Most browser data will be affected but not bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, and internet cookies. Extensions and other installed plug-ins maybe deleted by this function. Therefore, if you wish to remove specific extension only, please see manual add-on removal from this link.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser and type the following in the address bar: about:support

2. Browser will be directed to a page of Troubleshooting Information. You will notice a section on upper-right corner of the screen stating ‘Give Firefox a Tune Up‘. Click the Refresh Firefox button.

FF Reset

3. Confirmation window will pop-up, click Refresh Firefox to continue.

4. The reset process will automatically close the browser and proceed with the restoration. Next, it will display a list of restored data. BestCouponsNow should be gone by now. Click Finish to close the current window and open a fresh window of Mozilla Firefox.

Reset Safari Browser to Normal Settings

1. Open Safari browser.

2. Click on the Safari Settings icon located on upper right corner of the browser window.

3. Select Reset Safari from the drop-down list.

4. Pop-up window will appear. You may select all boxes for total reset or follow the options below if you only want to remove BestCouponsNow from Safari browser.

5. Please restart Safari browser for changes to take effect.

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