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By | Posted on July 19, 2013 | Updated on March 20, 2017

Babylon Search ( is an unknown search engine that is endorsed by various adware. There are two ways how this potentially unwanted program will affect the browser. First, Babylon will conquer the home page and new tab window. Second, a Babylon Toolbar is added as part of the menu. The toolbar also consist of a search box that uses the same service from

Usual propagation of Babylon Search is via programs that are offered for free. There are several web sites hosting this maliciously packed software. We called it malicious because a code of Babylon Search is integrated into legitimate programs. Certainly, after loading the program, Babylon Search also installs in the background unknown to users. Software where Babylon Search is bundled is limitless. It could be tools, Internet speed booster, games, or cracked programs.

While the adware exists, users will face browser redirect and hijacking conduct from Babylon Search. This manner of manipulating Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox set off computer users to deem Babylon Search as a virus or malware of some sort.

Technically, Babylon Search is not a virus. It does not contaminate any files on the system. It doesn’t spread on other computers and networks. Adware is the proper grouping for this kind of program. Although, it may possesses qualities past ordinary adware and spread quickly like a virus.

Online Security Scanner Report for

Running some online test on the domain where Babylon Search is hosted reveals no risks. However, visiting the test page shows many negative feedbacks about the domain. Norton Safeweb reviewers disclose that Babylon Search can harm your computer. Some users also dubbed the URL as search engine hijacker and are very intrusive.

Norton SafeWeb No issues Community Rating: 1.3/5.0 March 20, 2017
MCAfee Site Advisor Link is safe Feedback: No data March 20, 2017
Transparency Report Currently Safe Feedback: No data March 20, 2017

How to Remove Babylon Search from Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox

Stage 1: Remove any Trojans and Viruses from the Computer

This rootkit and virus removal tool is free and easy to use. It scans, detects and removes any rootkit as well as malware that are hidden on the computer.

1. Download Sophos Virus Removal Tool from this page. Save the file to your Desktop so that we can access the file easily.

2. Once the download completes, double-click the file to install the program on the computer. It will update the database once installations has finished. Internet connection is required at this point.

3. After downloading necessary updates, Sophos Virus Removal Tool displays the welcome screen.


4. Click on Start Scanning button to begin checking the system for presence of rootkit and virus.

Stage 2: Scan and Delete Adware with AdwCleaner

1. Download the tool called AdwCleaner from the location stated below.
Click here to download AdwCleaner (this will open a new window)

2. Once you have completed the download, please close all running programs on the computer.

3. Locate the file and double-click on adwcleaner_Ver.exe to start running the tool. Then, click on Scan button.


4. It searches for presence of harmful programs, plug-ins, add-ons, or any data that were found malicious and linked to Babylon Search. You need to Clean all items detected by this tool.

5. Once scan is done, the tool may need to reboot your computer to finalize the cleaning process.

6. After reboot, AdwCleaner will display the log file of the recent scan.

Stage 3: Remove Babylon Search Add-on or Extension and Cleanup the Browser

After the previous scans, you may have deleted Babylon Search from the affected browser. This next step will ensure that no more module of adware will be left on the browser. This free tool scans and checks the browser for unwanted add-on and extension, and if found, Avast Browser Cleanup will give you a report and suggestion.

1. Download this free tool and save it to your desktop.
Avast Browser Cleanup Download Link (This will open in a new window)

2. Please install the program. Start the process by double-clicking on the executable file avast-browser-cleanup-sfx.exe.

3. When run, Avast Browser Cleanup performs a test on the browser. If unwanted entries were found, it will display a button ‘Remove all add-ons listed below and cleanup browser.’ You may remove all or delete one entry at a time.

Avast Browser Scanner

4. Avast Browser Cleanup will confirm before it permanently deletes the add-on. Please click Yes to proceed with the removal of Babylon Search on the affected browser.

Optional: Cleanup Internet Browser’s Shortcut Link

One method that starts your home page to unwanted address like search.Babylon Search is by integrating the link to browser’s shortcut link. On this section, we will discuss the proper removal of unwanted entries on shortcut link.

Cleaning Internet Explorer’s Shortcut Link:

1. Locate the shortcut icon for Internet Explorer and right-click on it.

2. Select Properties from the drop-down list. This method opens the Shortcut settings for Internet Explorer.  shortcut-ie-babylon

3. Under Target field, you will need to remove extra path pointing to Please refer to image below.

Cleaning Google Chrome’s Shortcut Link:

1. Locate the shortcut icon for Google Chrome and right-click on it.

2. Select Properties from the drop-down list. This method opens the Shortcut settings for Google Chrome.


3. Under Target field, you will need to remove extra path pointing to Please see image below for your reference.

Cleaning Mozilla Forefox’s Shortcut Link:

1. Locate the shortcut icon for Mozilla Firefox and right-click on it.

2. Select Properties from the drop-down list. This method opens the Shortcut settings for Mozilla Firefox.shortcut-ff-babylon

3. Under Target field, you will need to remove extra path pointing to See screenshot image below.

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