Computer viruses are harmful programs that can convey through various methods and usually using Internet connection and compromised files. Most computer viruses can be detected by security programs like Anti-virus and Anti-malware. However, there are still some that can conceal their presence by exploiting vulnerabilities on the operating system.

Remove ROG Ransomware (.ROG Files)

ROG is an abbreviation code for a ransomware that is part of CrySis or Dharma malware family. The ROG is an appended file extension to all encrypted files and we can also see its relevance to the email address of attackers, which is As such, this hazardous computer threat was dubbed as ROG ransomware.

Jessy Ransomware – Virus Removal Guide

If computer files are inaccessible and it manifest an unusual .Jessy file extension, it could mean that system is infected with a malware from Dharma/CrySis group. To be specific, this malware was identified as Jessy ransomware.

Remove Pay2Decrypt Ransomware (.lck Files)

If computer files have .lck file extension, it implies that computer is infected with a notorious kind of virus known as Pay2Decrypt ransomware. It arrives at the computer in different methods. Hence, it is through spam emails that Pay2Decrypt ransomware were able to quickly and effectively infect the computer.

Corona Locker Ransomware (.systems32x Files)

Corona Locker ransomware is another hazardous file-coder or crypto-virus that arises from Aurora family of malware. It penetrates the computer using misleading tactics that persuade users to execute the payload carriers.

Remove Urs Ransomware – Virus Removal

If computer data are manifesting extra strings as .Urs file extension, it means that system is under the attack of malware. To be exact, the culprit is reported as an Urs ransomware. Its has the sole intention of denying computer user’s access to their important files.

Ribd Ransomware – Virus Removal Guide

Made and spread by a group of hackers and cyber scammers, Ribd is a ransomware that aims to encrypt most computer files on the infected system. Next, it will require ransom costs from the victims as payment for the recovery software.

Clman Ransomware – Virus Removal Guide

Cyber hoodlums created Clman ransomware as an instrument for money extortion. This virus is one of the so many file-coder or crypto-virus that currently prowls on the web. Online users may get hold of this Clman virus when visiting dubious websites and downloading applications from the mentioned sources.

Remove Four Ransomware – Virus Removal

Four ransomware is a computer virus that cyber scammers use to blackmail computer users and ask them for cash. The notorious Four ransomware is capable of penetrating the computer while employing different tactics, which take advantage of connected online computers.

Pauq Ransomware – Virus Removal Guide

Pauq ransomware is a hazardous form of computer malware that will focus on attacking the files of Windows OS users. It normally chooses the important daily usable files and totally disregards applications and system data.

Balancebb Ransomware Removal Guide

Usual cases of Balancebb or Crylock ransomware infection reveals that victims often obtain it from spam email messages, cracked software, and even malicious advertisements that pop-ups from various questionable websites.