Computer virus are harmful programs that can convey through various methods and usually using Internet connection and compromised files. Most computer viruses can be detected by security programs like Anti-virus and Anti-malware. However, there are still some that can conceal their presence by exploiting vulnerabilities on the operating system.

Remove Kook Ransomware (Decrypt .kook Files)

If majority of computer files are appended with .kook file extension, it only signifies that computer is infected with a dangerous kind of computer threat called Kook ransomware. It belongs to the notorious STOP or DJVU family of malware where the primary objective is to gain profit by locking targeted files on the computer.

Remove Kuus Ransomware (.kuus File Recovery)

Kuus ransomware is a crypto-virus that was made to lock up computer user’s files and needing to restore them can cause around $490 to $980. This swindling scheme known as ransomware attack is targeting common files on the computer such as documents, archives, presentations, databases, images, drawings, photos, spreadsheets, videos, and the list goes on.

Remove Maas Ransomware (Decrypt .maas Files)

If computer files are changing to .maas extension type, it implies that system is infected with Maas ransomware. This kind of crypto-virus is another dangerous variant of STOP/DJVU malware.

Remove Zida Ransomware (Decrypt .zida File)

The recent release of STOP/DJVU variant ransomware is called Zida. As usual, the name was derived from the .zida file extension that this malware is appending to all encrypted files. Technically, renaming the file with .zida extension somehow affects why users may not be able to open the infected data.

Remove Pykw Ransomware (Decrypt .pykw Files)

If important files on the computer is inoperable and bears that .pykw extension, it only implies that system is under the Pykw ransomware attack. All files with the appended extension are definitely encrypted with a highly complex cipher method where chance of decoding is very low.

Remove Moba Ransomware (.moba File Recovery)

Moba ransomware is a hazardous computer threat that does not only infect system files; above all, it can destroy selected files on the computer by encrypting them with a complex algorithm.

Remove Vawe Ransomware (.vawe File Decryption)

Vawe is a ransomware virus, which is known to be part of STOP/DJVU family. It targets majority of basic files on the computer and uses a sophisticated technique in locking them to make it inaccessible from computer users.

Remove Usam Ransomware (Decryption Method)

According to malware researcher Michael Gillespie, there is a new variant of DJVU/STOP malware and it is called Usam ransomware. So far, this is the 233rd variant and this family of threat shows no sign of receding with the attack.

Remove Tabe Ransomware (.tabe File Recovery)

Tabe ransomware is another variant from STOP or DJVU family of crypto-virus. This is one notorious kind of computer infection where Tabe virus targets important typical files like documents, spreadsheet, presentations, archives, images, photos, databases, and so on.