Rogue Program

Rogue program is a misleading application that pretends to be a legitimate optimization tool, antivirus application, or any software, which claims to bring benefits once user installs them. After installation, this virus will issue false alerts in order to convince computer users to pay for the registered copy.

Remove Macube Cleaner from Mac OS

Macube Cleaner is advertised as Mac OS optimization tool that works well in protecting privacy, smart scanning, and deleting junk files. Hence, most computer users who have this program on their computer are not satisfied with its performance.

How to Remove AweCleaner from Mac

AweCleaner for Mac is deemed as potentially unwanted application (PUA). It can enter the computer without the full consent of the user by employing different misleading tactics such as embedding itself to freeware or shareware.

How to remove PowerSuite (Mac)

On official website of Mac PowerSuite, the program is marketed as valuable Mac OS utility that features effective tools including Clean Up, Startup Booster, Duplicate Finder, App Uninstaller, Eraser and Automatic Cleanup for redundant objects. Technically, it was designed to eliminate clutter to free up disk space, according to the webpage.

Remove MacCleanBooster (Uninstall Guide)

MacCleanBooster is a system optimization tool for Mac that suppose to enhance the performance of the OS because it offers different features like cleanup for downloads folder, attachments, application logs, system logs, cache, and so on.

Remove MacMaster (Uninstall Guide)

Keeping the Mac computer safe and optimized requires a legitimate program that works alongside the built-in features of the OS. Pop-up advertisements offering different tools are actually a hit or miss because not all that are marketed online can provide the expected system improvement. One example of unreliable tool is called MacMaster.

Uninstall CleanMyPC (Removal Guide)

CleanMyPC is deemed as rogue security and optimization software. Majority of its installation on the computer is accomplished through the utilization of misleading approach where several pop-up ads are promoting CleanMyPC as valuable computer performance booster tool.

Remove Advanced System Repair Pro

Advanced System Repair Pro is a bogus security and optimization program characterized by pushy pop-up messages asking computer users to purchase the registered version of the software.

How to remove Total Mac Fixer

Total Mac Fixer is a supposed Macintosh security and booster application. But since it originates from the PCVARK rogue software group, Mac security experts directly categorized it as potentially unwanted application (PUA) even though it was just recently released.

How to remove Quick Mac Fixer

Quick Mac Fixer is another rogue security and optimizer software that claims to provide basic and advanced tune-up for Mac OS computers. This program was found to be invasive as it can break into the computer without the realization of users.