Rogue Program

Rogue program is a misleading application that pretends to be a legitimate optimization tool, antivirus application, or any software, which claims to bring benefits once user installs them. After installation, this virus will issue false alerts in order to convince computer users to pay for the registered copy.

How to remove Bokang Speedup

Bokang Speedup affirms that this application is able to remove adware, can protect your privacy, and can improve the performance of your browser and Windows system. It seems harmless and valuable based on these functionalities.

How to remove Silver Speedup

Silver Speedup is a bogus security and optimization tool that is affiliated with PC Accelerate Pro malware family. It arrives at the computer uninvited, concealing itself to a number of freeware and dubious third-party applications. Users who love to get hold of freeware originating from suspicious websites often tumble to catch Silver Speedup and similar …

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How to remove QnetSpeedup

QnetSpeedup is a phony computer optimization software made specifically for Windows system. When viewing the official website, a user may be convinced that it as valid tool that was designed with utmost care to keep their PC running smooth, fast, and trouble-free.

Remove SmartACPC Virus

SmartACPC or also called SmartPCAP is marketed online as versatile enhancement and security tool combo. It claims that the program is competent in optimizing the computer and protecting it against malware, potentially unwanted program (PUP).

Remove Affairs Speedup Virus

Affairs Speedup is a fake utility tool which advertised as a computer program that will help improve the performance of your system to an unexceptional level. It also claims that this all-in-one utility can manage all system issues.

How to remove Chrono SpeedUp

Chrono SpeedUp is deemed as rogue security and system optimizer that discreetly penetrates the computer along with other dubious software packages that you may have obtained from questionable internet servers.

How to remove Fix PC

Fix PC is considered a rogue security and optimization program. Most of its installation on the computer is accomplished by using the deceptive approach where multiple pop-up ads promote Fix PC as a valuable computer performance booster.

Remove Live Security Platinum (Fake Antivirus)

Official site indicates that Live Security Platinum can do revive the speed of PC systems. It features security and optimization functions to improve system performance, increase start-up speed, and more.

Remove Ads.fiancetrack Virus

Ads.fiancetrack relevant alerts or warnings are made to mislead PC users about the presence of threats or computer troubles. Using this technique, people behind this online fraud tries to convince computer users to call a fake online technical support service. For this particular scene, Ads.fiancetrack will advise to dial toll free number flashing on the …

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