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How to Remove Advanced Clean Pro

Emerging from rogue software family is yet another dreadful successor named Advanced Clean Pro. The graphical user interface (GUI) design is identical to previous versions; there is no considerable change except for the product designation. Read more »

How to Remove Auto System Care

Rogue program developers PCVARK continue to expand their collection and newest addition to the list is Auto System Care. This tool masquerades as security and optimization software that gives assurance of better computing experience when installed. Read more »

How to Remove Power Clean Pro 2019

One of the revealing symptom of rogue security application’s existence are the aggressive system scans that user never initiates. As part of this, irritating pop-up warnings will appear on the screen expressing the same concern of diminishing system performance. Read more »

How to Remove My Mac Speedup

On initial appearance of My Mac Speedup on Macintosh computers, it will exhibit influx of pop-up alerts and warning messages. Part of the trick is to deceive users and make them believe that several issues are holding back their Mac system from functioning at its peak level. Read more »

How to Remove Super Mac Cleaner

Super Mac Cleaner is a rogue optimization and security application that is obviously targeting users of Macintosh system. It normally penetrates a computer with little participation from users that downloads software bundles from unusual sources. Read more »

How to Remove Mac Security Plus

Another computer security impostor to watch for is Mac Security Plus. The program is not really disseminated competently via official website, therefore the creators of this rogue app is relying intensively on unfailing software bundling method of distribution. Read more »

How to Remove Smart Mac Cleaner

Smart Mac Cleaner is a rogue computer optimization and security tool. The program itself seems to be expertly designed and gives user an impression that it is worthy to keep their Mac computer in perfect running condition. Read more »

Remove Mac Tweak (Uninstall Guide)

Mac Tweak is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) that is distributed over the internet via software bundles and malicious advertising campaign. Macintosh users may get this threat by obtaining freeware from malicious locations or questionable download sites. Read more »