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Remove Qbit Mac Cleaner

Adding up to the long list of insignificant security and optimization tool for Mac OS is Qbit Mac Cleaner. Its entry on the computer is often unsolicited because rogue application like this usually arrives as part of software bundles that user may have downloaded from distrustful websites. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | August 13, 2019

Remove Qbit Mac Speedup

Qbit Mac Speedup is another questionable security and optimizer tool from PCVARK family of rogue software. The program normally enters the computer uninvited when it is packed to another free software that is maliciously distributed online. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | August 11, 2019

Remove Mac Magician (PUP)

Before proceeding to the removal of potentially unwanted program (PUP) called Mac Magician, it is vital that users must understand how this threat was able to penetrate Mac systems and learn of its capabilities when running freely inside the computer. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | July 31, 2019

Remove Smart Mac Tuneup

Seeing an undesirable application such as Smart Mac Tuneup on the computer can be mistaken for virus activities inside a Mac computer. It was actually classed as rogue security and optimization program that was made solely to swindle money from users. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | July 4, 2019

Remove Quick Mac Care

Another counterfeit security and optimization tool that may force itself onto a target Macintosh computer is called Quick Mac Care. It comes from a rogue program family, which uses same old ways of spreading their creations via malicious software bundling scheme. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | June 21, 2019

Remove Xtron System Care

Xtron System Care is a program name that every computer users must remember not because it is a worthy tool, but to avoid it and thwart the infection. Arising from a clan of rogue security and optimizer, this newest edition possesses the same level of risks as previous versions. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | June 17, 2019

Remove mBytes Speedup Pro

Counterfeit system enhancement and security application called mBytes Speedup Pro is just a remake of previous bogus tool that runs deceitful scheme to persuade users into paying for the paid version of this program. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | June 14, 2019

Remove mBytes Clean Pro

Malicious advertising campaign is still the primary channel where web users may accidentally obtain suspicious app called mBytes Clean Pro. To be able to trick web users, associated web page or its advertising window will mask as virus scanner that instantly detects a number of threats on the computer. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | June 14, 2019

Remove Better Mechanic

Better Mechanic is an unreal MS Windows system optimizer that is going after the hard-earned money of computer users. Online swindlers patterned this program from other tool with similar malicious intent. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | May 19, 2019

Remove RegeasyFixer

RegeasyFixer is advertised as Windows optimization tool that works well in fixing broken registry entries and deleting junk files. Hence, most computer users who have this program on their computer are not satisfied with its performance. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | May 18, 2019