Rogue Program

Rogue programs are misleading applications that pretend to be legitimate optimization tools, antivirus applications, or any software that claims to bring benefits once the user installs them. After installation, this virus will issue false alerts in order to convince computer users to pay for the registered copy.

How to Remove PC First Aid

An application from the family of rogue tools called PC First Aid is a suspicious computer security and improvement tool. The arrogant utility continually displays pop-up warnings and alarms

How to Remove Estimate Speed Up

Estimate Speed Up is malicious software designed to frighten victims by giving them incorrect information about a system’s critical security situation. It originated from the legendary rogue program family of computer dangers, whose inventions are typically dishonest programs designed to steal money from victims.

How to Remove Global PC Cleaner Pro

Global PC Cleaner Pro is categorized as malicious software since it presents itself as an effective Windows cleaner and system optimizer. It can infiltrate your Windows computer and cause a variety of problems, from obtrusive pop-ups to system slowdown.

Uninstall SafeSoft PC Cleaner

SafeSoft PC Cleaner is classified as a rogue software pretending to be a useful registry fixer and system optimization tool. It can sneak inside your Windows PC system and cause a multitude of issues ranging from annoying pop-ups to system slow down.

PCAsperiusPro Removal Guide

PCAsperiusPro is a computer security and enhancement application from the family of rogue tool called PC Accelerate Pro. When installed on the computer, the conceited tool continuously issue pop-up warnings and alerts stating that it has identified numerous errors and threats.

How to remove TriocySpeedup

TriocySpeedup is a threat to millions of computers worldwide because its creators are utilizing various online distribution strategies. It can anonymously gets inside the computer by stuffing the code to freeware or shareware that users often acquire from their favorite sources.

How to remove TsapriSpeedup

TsapriSpeedup is a doubtful program with primary objective of misleading computer users to promote itself as a worthy Windows registry fixer and optimization software. It claims that by having this tool, users can easily fix broken registries, invalid startups, corrupt software, and also boost system memory.

Uninstall YixSpeedUp – Removal Guide

Malware experts identified YixSpeedUp as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) or rogue application. Its official website states that it is able to fix PC errors, boost system performance, prevent crashes, and clean your PC.

How to remove HogoSpeedup Remove

HogoSpeedup is a security and enhancement tool that was identified to be a member of rogue family. If installed and runs on a Windows computer, users may experience ceaseless but quick system scans, which present hundreds of troubles and malware presence.

Remove Onrym Speedup Virus

Onrym Speedup is a suspicious MS Windows system optimization and security tool, which do not live to its promises. It claims to enhance system performance but once it is inside the computer, it is the one that diminishes the operation due to excessive pop-ups and warnings it produces.