Rogue Program

Rogue programs are misleading applications that pretend to be legitimate optimization tools, antivirus applications, or any software that claims to bring benefits once the user installs them. After installation, this virus will issue false alerts in order to convince computer users to pay for the registered copy.

How to Remove Estimate Speed Up

Estimate Speed Up is malicious software designed to frighten victims by giving them incorrect information about a system’s critical security situation. It originated from the legendary rogue program family of computer dangers, whose inventions are typically dishonest programs designed to steal money from victims.

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Remove PC Doctor Malware

PC Doctor is an adware program that infiltrates the computer by means of a third-party program. This kind of software was made to generate revenue for its authors. PC Doctor offers web enhancement functions to visitors, but what you may get are unwanted advertisements.

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Remove Ads.fiancetrack Virus

Ads.fiancetrack relevant alerts or warnings are made to mislead PC users about the presence of threats or computer troubles. Using this technique, people behind this online fraud tries to convince computer users to call a fake online technical support service. For this particular scene, Ads.fiancetrack will advise to dial toll free number flashing on the

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