On this page are list of malicious pop-ups and redirects that cyber crooks are using to divert web browser to a malicious webpage. Upon viewing the unwanted websites, it can trigger the download and installation of malware.

Remove Trusted-check.xyz Pop-up

Trusted-check.xyz is another example of scam website. Internet users may accidentally visit this domain during a redirect process while viewing suspicious websites. Software and media piracy sites that are involved in the illegal distribution of said products are often the source of the browser redirects, which could land the browser to Trusted-check.xyz.

Get rid of News-kucega.cc Pop-up

News-kucega.cc is an odd type of website that web users must avoid. It has bunches of pages that were set up as spam pop-up that contains misleading contents. For example, it can present a phony media streaming page that asks the web users to click on the ALLOW button to play the video.

Remove Wordshipopa.xyz Pop-up Ads

Wordshipopa.xyz is another example of malicious website that is owned and operated by cyber scammers. There are thousands of similar sites that aim at convincing the internet users to subscribe to their push notification.

Remove Pumedabletter.com Pop-up

Pumedabletter.com is a deceitful website that was assembled by cyber scammers. Its sole intention is to mislead the internet users so that they can approve the request of this site. During the visit, web users are greeted with a prompt “Pumedabletter.com wants to show notifications.”

Mostshopsale2.xyz Pop-up Removal Guide

Mostshopsale2.xyz is a marketing website that capitalizes on a social engineering strategy to deceive online users on accepting spam notifications via main web browser. Usually, an “Allow” button is presented to fully access page contents, connect to the internet, watch an embedded video, download a file, enable flash player, or anything that can catch the …

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How to remove Freeadvguide.com Pop-up

Freeadvguide.com is one offending URL that aggressively serves advertisements on internet applications like Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. The problem with the ad serving method of Freeadvguide.com is that it sometimes exhibit pages that hosts potentially unwanted programs (PUP) or Adware.

Remove Dictionarywindheat.buzz Pop-up

Dictionarywindheat.buzz is a questionable domain that was found to be involved in series of browser redirect offenses. It reroute internet browser programs to harmful sites running spam contents, malware downloads, adult subjects, and online gambling portals.

Remove News-zuhupo.cc Pop-up

The pop-up advertisements generated by News-zuhupo.cc are unusual online marketing objects as it contains malicious links that can divert the browser to various unwanted pages. Most of the time, it promotes sites that are beyond the web users’ preferences like online gambling, adult sites, fraudulent money making, fake online survey, scam rewards, and so on.

Get rid of Webpushsolutions.com Pop-up

Webpushsolutions.com pop-up ads that appear multiple times on the browser application are not a regular promotional link. Aggressive ads that online users often seen expounding on the sidebar or taskbar is in fact a push notification.

Remove Worldwidedefence.com Pop-up

Worldwidedefence.com is an unknown and dubious website. Cyber scammers are using this domain to spread a copy of rogue software. Moreover, the site may lure online users into availing a phony online technical support service.