Browser Hijacker

Browser hijacker is a computer threat that is specifically targeting internet software like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Edge. It aims to override homepage and search engine settings to assign its own resources.

StreamSearchWeb Removal Guide

Obtaining an accurate and quick search result is easily obtained through several reliable services like Google Search, Bing, or Yahoo. In most cases, the browser itself is set to use the said search engine as the default homepage and search tool.

How to Remove WebRadioSearch

WebRadioSearch is a distrustful browser extension that originates from a huge family of adware. The main goal of this suspicious application is to set own values on homepage, new tab, and search engine.

Remove Direct Search Online (

The sudden and unwanted occurrence of Direct Search Online on homepage is an unnatural thing that computer users should not be taken for granted. It implies that a potentially unwanted program is dominating the browser and this homepage-hijacking instance could end up on a much bigger issues.

How to Remove

Browser hijacker and adware often punch a combination of attack and this tandem hits hard on popular internet application like Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Once it penetrates the computer, it is anticipated to corrupt the browser settings to be able to hijack the homepage and freely inject ads on browser pages.

How to Remove

Browser hijackers are considered as potentially unwanted programs (PUP). Such malicious software can enter the computer without permission from online users. Mostly, they are bundled with other software. One of the browser hijackers penetrating computers recently is called

Remove Hijacker is an unwanted homepage that is capable of altering internet settings without the approval of computer users. As part of the browser settings modifications, aims to display different kinds of advertisements, which actually takes advantages of compromised internet software to gain revenue for its authors.

How to Remove GetSearchStreams

GetSearchStreams is a browser extension that is being used by adware makers to promote a suspicious search engine with address Computer users are often not involved in the installation of GetSearchStreams because it sneaks into the browser through the installation of malicious software bundles.

How to Remove Monster Search

Search Monster falls under the category of browser hijacker due to its goal of taking over the preference of web user. It intends to replace the current settings on homepage and search engine to promote search engine.

How to Remove

Internet browser extension that goes by the name of is a questionable application that was created by adware makers. It carries out unauthorized changes to internet browser programs like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to serve its illicit purpose.