Browser Hijacker

Browser hijacker is a computer threat that is specifically targeting internet software like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Edge. It aims to override homepage and search engine settings to assign its own resources.

How to remove Hijacker is a homepage, which at first look will never cause web users any doubt about its nasty intent. It is endorsed as valid and useful search engine that enhances ones online browsing experience.

How to remove Best-CouponSearch

Adding up to the long list of adware threat is called Best-CouponSearch. It claims to enhance the online search experience particularly if the user is hinting for deals, coupons, or online savings.

How to remove ProADBlocks Search

ProADBlocks Search is a an internet browser extension that asserts to provide an easy way to block unwanted and annoying pop-up advertisements. Unlike most unwanted browser extension, this tool does not change any settings on the browser.

Remove Hijacker is a domain that is relevant to malicious internet browser extension. It professes to provide easy access to online coupons, deals, and discounts. It integrates with the browser even without the user’s consent because most of the time, is bundled to freeware and third party applications.

How to remove StreamUltraSearch

StreamUltraSearch is a Google Chrome extension that overrules homepage settings upon successful installation. Although it is known as a tool that allows user to watch exciting new trailers from homepage and new tab window, computer security experts are not convinced that StreamUltraSearch is commendable to be on the browser.

Remove UltraADSBlockSearch

A homepage that constantly redirects to is a sign that the browser is infected with adware specifically unwanted extension called UltraADSBlockSearch.

Remove QuickCouponSearch

Another Google Chrome extension that offers convenient web search is QuickCouponSearch. Aside from that, this program claims to be a useful tool to explore recent deals, discounts, savings, and online coupons online.

How to remove

By looking at the homepage of, it appears to be a valid search tool because of its neat and clutter-free interface. However, computer users must be warned that it is not as clean as it seems to be.

How to remove

Unwanted search tool like is normally part of adware group. In this situation, ad-supported software (Adware) named Stream On The Web New Tab is the guilty party for the intrusion of this unwanted search engine.

Remove is a browser hijacker that may appear legitimate because it has a nice and clean design just like the Google homepage. This was intentionally made neat so that users may not be suspicious about its true motive.