Browser Hijacker

Browser hijacker is a computer threat that is specifically targeting internet software like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Edge. It aims to override homepage and search engine settings to assign its own resources.

Remove from PC and Mac is a browser hijacker combined with adware threat. Computer security analysts listed this browser menace as potentially unwanted program (PUP). It gets into the browser without the request of computer user through various discreet tactics.

How to remove StreamSearchFinder

StreamSearchFinder is categorized as potentially unwanted program (PUP). Similarly, it is included in the list of adware that is flooding the internet browser with aggressive ads such as pop-ups and redirects.

How to remove VideoSearchNet

VideoSearchNet is a browser extension that claims to provide accurate and fast online search results especially when looking for video or any related media online. At first glimpse, web user may never notice that VideoSearchNet is a suspicious extension due to neat homepage design.

How to remove Mixture Search

Mixture Search is promoted as valuable search engine. It claims to provide improvement to online search and browsing activities of users through the efficient and precise results they are going to obtain when using the program.

How to remove CoVideoSearch

CoVideoSearch browser extension may be installed on the computer without the proper approval from users. The thing is, this unwanted program is often bundled to different dubious freeware and shareware.

Video Search Web – Adware Removal

Video Search Web is a ‘must removed’ type of application. This unwanted browser extension is categorized as potentially unwanted program (PUP) for employing various deceitful tactics in order to gain presence on the computer.

How to remove Game Search Web

Game Search Web is an unknown browser extension. It can override the settings on homepage and search while totally disregarding the preferences of computer users. There is a motive for this takeover and as observed, Game Search Web is keen on becoming the default search engine so that it can track what online users are …

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How to remove Division Search

Homepage and new tab window can be overtaken by Division Search if a user downloads any kind of dubious freeware where it is installed. The typical way for attackers to spread this browser hijacker involves the integration of the malicious code to free software and other third-party applications that are being offered on suspicious file-sharing …

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How to remove IConverterSearch

Sometimes, an internet browser application will suddenly shift the homepage settings to an unknown one. Majority of users who encounter this unsolicited changes may have accidentally installed an adware that is secretly bundled with a freeware.

How to remove MySearchConverter

Computer threat like adware can turn the smooth operation of an internet browser program to problematic once it gains control. This threat is a known bearer of different annoying advertisements including aggressive pop-ups and redirects.

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