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Remove “Trojan.worm ! Ransomware ! Infection”

Appearance of “Trojan.worm ! Ransomware ! Infection” on the browser is obviously part of scam campaign perpetuated by cyber crooks. They are using variation of tactics to mislead web users in order to swindle money from them by selling a rogue tool or influence them in availing phony online technical support services. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | October 15, 2019

Remove (Mac) may appear like valid search engine at first glance, but behind it is a malevolent intent of adware makers to exploit victim’s browser application to illicitly gain online profit. It was made to purposely issue advertisements and paid links on browser pages. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | October 9, 2019

Remove (Mac and Safari)

Unfamiliar homepage behavior like unwanted presence of is an apparent sign that internet software is under adware attack. This illegal replacement of homepage, new tab, and search tool default values was undertaken with malicious purposes. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | October 6, 2019

Remove Hijacker may appear as valid search tool but be aware that this homepage hijacker is not a reliable online search provider. It is classified as potentially unwanted program (PUP) for the reason that its installation is mostly not acceptable to computer users. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | October 2, 2019

Remove is a homepage hijacker that is associated to questionable browser extension called Patriot PDF Converter. Some features it has to show off are online PDF converter, time,  and popular website links. Other than these common functions, which are also available on other legitimate homepage, has nothing valuable to offer. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 30, 2019

Remove File Converter Master

Another suspicious browser extension that promotes search tool called is named File Converter Master. It is unsafe to utilize this search engine due to certain reports that it redirects searches to malicious websites that causes further adware infection. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 25, 2019

Remove “Get Easy Templates Pro”

Get Easy Templates Pro is another browser hijacker that aims to collect information from user’s search input. It is observed when utilizing the homepage that all search inquiries of user are rerouted first to another sub domain at before issuing the final search outcome. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 24, 2019

Remove or also known as Email Helper App is a doubtful homepage and search tool that can attack Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers. Most users are unaware on the setup of this homepage because modification is carried out by related browser extension. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 24, 2019

Remove File Converter Now

File Converter Now that is utilizing the URL is a questionable search tool that was identified to be part of large browser hijacker family called SpringTech. Among its variants are Better Converter ProParcel Finder, and many more. These homepage hijackers are infamous for redirecting user’s online search to random malicious websites. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 24, 2019

Remove Hijacker

By looking at homepage of, it appears to be a valid search tool because of its neat and clutter-free interface. However, computer users must be warned that it is not as clean as it seems to be. Read more »

By Chona Esjay | September 23, 2019