Browser Hijacker

Browser hijacker is a computer threat that is specifically targeting internet software like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Edge. It aims to override homepage and search engine settings to assign its own resources.

How to Remove Planty-Search

A browser hijacker called Planty-Search replaces the home page with an unidentified search tool. This malware is currently included in the category of adware that regularly targets popular browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Edge.

Remove BestShoppingResults Hijacker

An application known as BestShoppingResults is one that is classified as a browser hijacker. It is a malicious browser extension that poses as a helpful tool to enhance internet search performance.

How to Remove AutosWorld

Because it can drive browsers to websites that are pushing dangerous content, the AutosWorld browser hijacker poses a risk to computers. Additionally, this type of computer threat compromises user privacy and internet security.

Remove Search

Browser hijackers are classified as potentially unwanted programs (PUP) because they attempt to change internet settings without authorization. One clear example of a browser hijacker that is used to take control of internet browser programs like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox is

Remove SearchWebClub Hijacker

Computer threat family known as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) includes SearchWebClub in its list, and is dubbed as a browser hijacker. This malware specifically targets popular internet applications like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

How to Remove Seekitweb

Currently, Seekitweb is promoted as a browser extension that enhances both browsing and searching online generally. It is clear that the new default search option on Seekitweb uses its own custom search engine.

Get Rid of

If your homepage and search tool is hijacked by a suspicious web address like, there is a possibility that the browser is infected with an Adware. Computer security experts linked this redirect program to unwanted browser extensions namely MobiliSearch.

How to Remove SearchmeInc

Web users should always be cautious when downloading freeware or any kind of apps from the internet. In recent years, cyber crooks are making use of these free programs to deploy different types of malware and adware.

Get rid of Onlinesearchtop

Start-up page and new tab redirecting to Onlinesearchtop is definitely caused by adware attack. This unwanted program is based on unknown search engine that can be harmful when installed on the browser.

Remove Findmebuy Hijacker

The presence of Findmebuy on Google Chrome or other internet program is a sign that there is something wrong with the browser. This adware is specifically targeting popular internet software and be installed as an extension.