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How to Remove SecuryBrowse

SecuryBrowse is a potentially unwanted program made specifically for Google Chrome browser. Homepage hijacking and constant redirect to are just some annoyances that victims may encounter while the adware is intact inside the compromised browser program. Read more »

How to Remove QuickLogin

To have one-click access to favorite email account right at the homepage and new tab is the primary selling point of QuickLogin. In addition, it offers quick links on homepage to easily log in to popular mail servers like Gmail or Yahoo. Read more »

How to Remove (Mac)

Mac users may face yet another browser hijacker that evades in-placed security application and is barely relying on software bundles to reserve a spot on the computer. This recently discovered malicious search tool has an assigned domain of Read more »

How to Remove (Mac) is an online search service that personifies the same invasive traits as most infamous browser hijackers. Although the threat is known to attack only Mac users, it has cross-browser role that could be potential threat to majority of Mac users whether they are navigating the internet using Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Read more »

Remove (Mac) is another inclusion to the list of homepage hijacker that emerges from Genieo adware family. Involving into this type of cyber attack is usual for average computer users as the corrupt code is often downloaded as inclusion to normal applications. Read more »

How to Remove (Mac)

It is frustrating for users to see an invasive adware such as Kimosachi on their Mac computer without recalling that they have installed such application. This unwanted program is so assertive once inside because it dynamically controls internet application like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Read more »