Fake Antivirus

Fake antivirus or commonly known as rogue application are computer virus that acts as legitimate security software. The goal of this threat is to swindle money from computer users by displaying fake scan results and demands for payment to remove the viruses using the registered version of the software.

Get rid of “Antivirus Security Pro” Virus

Antivirus Security Pro – Malware Security Suite is a fake antivirus program originating from WinWebSec family. This new version is a direct clone of Attentive Antivirus malware. If you do a research, both rogue software shares the same graphical user interface (GUI). Functions are also the same.

My Safe PC 2014 Removal Guide

My Safe PC 2014 is a clone to some fake antivirus program that was released by the same malware authors previously. This rogue security software carries out fraud that consists in showing fake alerts and warning messages on user’s computer.

Antiviral Factory 2013 Removal Steps

Antiviral Factory 2013 is a computer infection from malware makers. This attack is also known as rogue program as it is masked as a real antivirus program. Actually, Antiviral Factory 2013 displays fake alerts and virus scan results to deceive victims and make them think that computer is under attack with viruses, Trojans and malware.

Live Security Professional (Fake Anti-virus Removal)

Live Security Professional is rogue security software. Just like a computer virus, it may take over the computer and perform its tasks without your free will. Marketing the bogus product is the main goal of this malware.