Fake Antivirus

Fake antivirus or commonly known as rogue application are computer virus that acts as legitimate security software. The goal of this threat is to swindle money from computer users by displaying fake scan results and demands for payment to remove the viruses using the registered version of the software.

Remove Windows Prime Booster malware

Windows Prime Booster is a fake antivirus program originating from WinWebSec family. This new version is a direct clone of Attentive Antivirus malware. If you do a research, both rogue software shares the same graphical user interface (GUI). Functions are also the same.

Remove WinWeb Protection

WinWeb Protection is endorsed as a program that will protect the computer against threat that lingers on the Internet. The program also promises to safeguard the system against harmful threats that may attack the browser while online.

Get rid of Windows Efficiency Console

Windows Efficiency Console is a computer infection from rogue program maker. This attack is also known as fake antivirus program as it is masked as a real security program. Actually, Windows Efficiency Console displays fake alerts and virus scan results to deceive victims and make them think that computer is under attack with viruses, Trojans and malware.

Remove “Windows Activity Booster” Malware

Windows Activity Booster is derived from the family of fake antivirus program that is presently flooding the web hoping to attract computer users. Its main agenda is to convince user into buying the Windows Activity Booster registration key.

Remove “Smart Guard Protection” Malware

Smart Guard Protection is a fake computer security tool which originates from the same group who spread Antivirus Security Pro 2014. This program may look like a worthy protection software but in reality, it was not designed to guard your computer against any threats.

Remove Antivirus Plus 2014 Malware

Antivirus Plus 2014 is a virus that pretends as real security program for Windows. To prove its worth, this rogue anti-virus program will provide scan and detect function each time you start Windows.

Remove Windows Active HotSpot Malware

Windows Active HotSpot is a clone to some fake antivirus program that was released by the same malware authors previously. This rogue security software performs deceiving tactics like showing fake alerts and warning messages on user’s computer.

Windows Cleaning Toolkit – Virus Removal

Windows Cleaning Toolkit is promoted to be a computer virus removal program. However, what lies behind its common graphical user interface (GUI) is a goal of extracting money from victims.

Remove ‘Windows Expert Console’ Malware

Windows Expert Console is a piece of malware that pretend to be antivirus software. It uses many techniques to prove this claim. For one thing, it will scan the computer and produce results showing many viruses on the computer.

Remove ‘Antivirus Security Pro 2014’ Malware

Antivirus Security Pro 2014 is fake virus removal program. Similar to a computer virus, it can take control of the computer and perform its tasks without your command. Marketing the bogus product is the main goal of this malware.