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Remove Easy Compare (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome browser extension called Easy Compare is considered one of the numerous unwanted program that belongs to family of adware. This one claims to enhance online shopping experience of users. The unwanted program asserts to provide shopping deals, online savings, discounts, and price comparisons, It generally enters the computer while taking advantage of free programs currently offered on various websites. Read more »

Remove EZ-Content (Google Chrome)

EZ-Content is a Google Chrome extension that emerges from adware family. It is endorsed as a useful tool that enhances online experience of web users. EZ-Content claims to hide all annoying advertisements from web pages. Read more »

How to Remove MyCouponsmart (Mac)

MyCouponsmart is an ad-supported application made specifically to run under Macintosh environment. It is normal to see regular advertisement on website that is well balance between product promotion and better user experience. However, it is completely different when adware like MyCouponsmart publishes its campaign. Read more »

Remove Fast Seek (Google Chrome)

Fast Seek is a Google Chrome extension that claims to enhance online browsing experience of users. Unfortunately, this program belongs to adware family that is promoting an unwanted tool called Smart Search. Read more »

Remove B-Coupon (Google Chrome)

B-Coupon is an ad-supported program that loads itself on the computer without definite permission from computer users. This unwanted installation of browser extension can be accomplished discretely through mistreatment of software bundles. Read more »

Remove Zu-Coupon (Google Chrome)

Zu-Coupon is a Google Chrome extension that professes to provide easy access to online coupons, deals, and discounts. It integrates on the browser even without user’s consent because most of the time, Zu-Coupon is bundled to freeware and third party applications. Read more »

How to Remove Clever Seek (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome browser extension called Clever Seek is deemed as one of the many unwanted program that is associated with adware group. It asserts to enhance search experience by using its own engine at Smart Search. This kind of potentially unwanted program can sneak onto the computer while taking advantage of freeware currently offered by several malicious websites. Read more »

How to Remove Bravogol (Mac)

Bravogol is an ad-supported program that was made to operate under Macintosh environment. It specifically targets Mac-based internet applications like Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Once Bravogol is integrated onto these browsers, users may have difficulty reversing the outcome due to some hidden codes and objects it drops on various locations and folders. Read more »

Remove AudioToAudio (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE)

AudioToAudio search appearing on homepage only indicates that browser is under the control of potentially unwanted program (PUP). Most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer may get involve with AudioToAudio if computer users are careless when downloading free applications from the internet. Read more »