Adware are computer programs that normally setup inside the system with minimal consent from the user. In most instances, adware purports to be a useful application that has sole intention of gaining profit in various ways. Adware is usually deployed through the use of third-party programs.

How to remove ModuleService (Mac OS)

These days, many of the Mac users are hampered by numerous ads and pop-ups while surfing the web using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. It is very unsettling, especially when you surf the net or just looking for a specific topic.

Remove ConsoleConnection – Mac Adware

ConsoleConnection is an adware which targets the web browser application running on Mac OS environment. The adware generally carry out a sneaky entry on the computer thanks to the help of bundle software which hides under the attractive disguise of freeware.

How to remove InitialWebTool (Mac OS)

InitialWebTool is a proprietary browser extension that targets the web application operating on the Mac OS environment. It makes use of the forced installation technique by being loaded onto various crappy freeware.

Remove ConfigBitProgress (Mac OS)

ConfigBitProgress is an ad-supported or Adware-based software that targets specific Internet browser programs running on Mac OS. It has an intrusive mechanism to infiltrate the computer and aggressively attack Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How to remove StandardNetworkSkill (Mac)

Unlike before, Mac computers are not exempted to malware infection these days. There are many adware or malware nowadays that can inject malicious code on browser applications running on Mac system, especially on Google Chrome and Safari.

Remove MemoryField (Mac OS)

Many Mac users are encountering annoyances on their browser program, especially Google Chrome and Safari. Some examples are aggressive pop-up ads and redirects that initiates whenever they are browsing the web.

How to remove ExecutiveProduct from Mac

Another addition to the list of malicious browser extension for Mac is named ExecutiveProduct. It can cause various misbehaviors on the browser once became operational. ExecutiveProduct targets widely used internet application, especially Google Chrome.

How to remove ConnectionCache (Mac)

ConnectionCache for Mac is deemed as potentially unwanted application (PUA) with browser hijacking capabilities. It usually enters the computer discreetly and attacks internet applications, especially Google Chrome.

Remove AccesibleDataSearch – Mac Adware

Mac users may encounter an adware program called AccesibleDataSearch. This new edition of browser hijacker operates in the browser as an Extension or Add-on. Developers of AccesibleDataSearch app seem to be employing different misleading ways to deploy the suspicious application and one of it is through software bundling.

How to remove SearchServiceHelper from Mac

SearchServiceHelper is a suspicious browser extension that is targeting Mac users. It often gets inside the computer via discreet methods that do not require authorization. For instance, it is embedded to the freeware so that when Mac user installs this app, the SearchServiceHelper gets loaded simultaneously.