Adware are computer programs that normally setup inside the system with minimal consent from the user. In most instances, adware purports to be a useful application that has sole intention of gaining profit in various ways. Adware is usually deployed through the use of third-party programs.

Remove ActiveCoordinator (Mac OS)

ActiveCoordinator is a kind of adware application specifically targeting Mac computers. Developers created ActiveCoordinator to bombard browsers with intrusive advertisements and pop-up windows.

OffersPrimary Adware (Mac Removal Guide)

OffersPrimary app is a kind of suspicious browser extension that usually penetrates a Mac computer beyond the knowledge of the user. Developers propagate OffersPrimary on Mac computer using free software download and installation set-up.

Remove GlobalVersion – Mac Adware

GlobalVersion adware is a kind of dubious application, specifically targeting Mac computers. Developers created GlobalVersion to bombard browsers with intrusive advertisements and pop-up windows.

Remove AllianceInstallations (Mac OS)

AllianceInstallations for Mac is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) that generates income by exhibiting advertisements on the browser. Adware application like AllianceInstallations is commonly installed using a deceptive software marketing method called “bundling“.

Remove ImmersiveTask from Mac

ImmersiveTask app is an adware threat that injects malicious code to Mac computers. An adware application like ImmersiveTask is considered as a potentially unwanted application (PUA).

Remove EdgePremium (Mac OS)

Web installer is the common way for EdgePremium to be incorporated in Mac computer. Though, in order to proceed with its full installation, the initiator file must be executed by users and to accomplish this, said applet is deployed in various ways and on several online locations.

Remove Tradexic (Mac Adware)

A lot of Mac users have been experiencing some misbehavior on their computers and browser applications. One example is how advertisements and pop-ups come off regularly while using the internet. Such occurrences might be caused by adware running on the Mac OS.

Remove EdgeBegin – Mac Adware

Once your browser search results are redirected to unwanted web pages, then, it is an indication that there is a browser hijacker installed on your computer. EdgeBegin might be the reason behind it. Aside from hijacking, this adware can populate the browser window with annoying pop-up advertisements.

How to remove ConnectProcess (Mac)

ConnectProcess is an unknown browser extension that is capable of penetrating the computer without the consent of users. It is presented by developers to be a capable and helpful application for Mac users. Just like ordinary software, installation is required before users can enjoy its full functionality.

Remove PureAdvantage (Mac Adware)

PureAdvantage is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This only means that it can get inside the Mac computer even without the authorization from computer users. It is typical for PUP to be part of a freeware or third party applications that web user can freely download from the abundance of dubious online sources.