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Remove MyPersonalPDF Ads

Google Chrome extension MyPersonalPDF Ads claims to give users easy way of converting Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other files to PDF format. However, before user can avail this function, MyPersonalPDF Ads extension needs to be installed on the browser. Read more »

Remove BestMapFinder Ads

BestMapFinder Ads is a Google Chrome extension that asserts to provide easy location, routes, and directions. Unlike most unwanted browser extension, this tool does not change any settings on the browser. Read more »

How to Remove Severe Weather Check

Severe Weather Check is a suspicious homepage that may hit popular browsers especially Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Its presence on the computer will come as surprise to some users who did not installed it intentionally. Read more »

Remove Live TV Now (Firefox, Chrome, IE)

Live TV Now is a suspicious browser extension created by the infamous SpringTech Technologies, a company responsible for making dozens of similar threats. All products from this developer offer unique features to attract web users. Read more »

How to Remove WeatherAddon

WeatherAddon is promoted as browser extension that provides quick weather update and forecast for any locations in the world. This seems to be useful if not only for the malicious intention hidden on this program. Read more »

How to Remove Hogwarin (Mac)

Hogwarin downloader is promoted as a tool that have years of downloading and installing experience, that yields to faster download and optimized process. Overall, it claims as worthy tool that gives better users experience and more successful software installation. Hogwarin may look like a valid program if users are unaware of its roots. Read more »

How to Remove Maps Tab (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome browser extension named Maps Tab is considered one of the many unwanted program that belongs to family of adware. This time, it claims to provide the best and most accurate driving directions for online users. It can sneak onto the computer while taking advantage of free programs currently offered on various websites. Read more »

Remove PDF Total (Mac)

PDF Total is a questionable browser extension that offers free way to convert documents into PDF format. It claims that users can pull-of this task without leaving the browser because it can be performed right at the homepage and new tab window. Read more »

How to Remove Porterice (Mac)

Ad-supported application named Porterice is a Macintosh-based unwanted program. It may work well with freeware publishers and shareware developers because it claims to monetize software installation. On the part of end-user, Porterice affirms to yield faster downloads and will let them install programs the easy way through its highly optimized process. Read more »

Remove “Be Like Water” (Google Chrome)

Be Like Water” is a doubtful Google Chrome extension that can easily bypass user’s attention during installation. It usually enters the computer as part of malicious software bundles in disguise of free utilities, tools, games, media players, and so on. Read more »