Adware are computer programs that normally setup inside the system with minimal consent from the user. In most instances, adware purports to be a useful application that has sole intention of gaining profit in various ways. Adware is usually deployed through the use of third-party programs.

How to Remove PostiveSearchGuide (Mac)

PostiveSearchGuide may appear like a valid search engine at first look. But behind it is a malevolent intent of adware makers to exploit victim’s browser application to illicitly gain online profit. It was made to purposely issue advertisements and paid links on the browser pages.

How to Remove ApolloSearch (Mac)

Adware is a type of malware that infects computers by changing browser configuration in order to display advertisements or pop-ups. One example of adware infecting Mac computers is called ApolloSearch app. Once installed, the most noticeable change in the Mac computer is the strange performance of the internet browser program.

Remove ExploreActivity – Mac Adware

ExploreActivity app is an adware that purport to be a useful browser extension that enhance users browsing experience by providing fast online searches and providing accurate results. However, since it is a type of potentially unwanted application (PUA), it often delivers intrusive and malicious advertising campaigns.

How to Remove VideoBoxApp (Mac)

VideoBoxApp app is a known form of Mac adware, that is also considered as potentially unwanted application (PUA). It runs on the Mac computer to display intrusive advertisements and pop-ups on browser application like Safari or Google Chrome. Unwanted application like VideoBoxApp are installed on the computer without the Mac user’s permission.

Remove AnalyzerDivision (Mac Adware)

AnalyzerDivision app pretends to be a valid browser extension for Mac. It assures to improve browsing and search experience of internet users. Hence, there are some downsides in having AnalyzerDivision on the browser and computer security experts found out that it belongs to the adware family.

How to Remove vRackBlock

The motive of vRackBlock is clearly to dominate infected browser program through its extension module. The presence of unwanted search engine and constant browser redirects justifies that the adware has full control of the internet program and this goes on as long as vRackBlock is functioning.

How to Remove SearchOperative (Mac)

If there is an occurrence of browser hijacking on a Mac computer, it is the listed browser extension that user should look into to see if there is an adware. Normally, adware are installed as browser extension and because of this, they were able to control certain parts of the internet program.

Remove OriginalModule – Mac Adware

Unwanted changes on homepage settings, continuous display of pop-up ads, and persistent redirection of pages while browsing the internet are just some visible signs of an adware infection. Unknown to web users, there are unseen indicators that computer is infected with an adware and obvious ones are just the milder impact it causes to infected …

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Remove UpdaterSync Adware from Mac

When browser program starts to exhibit significant amount of advertisements especially intrusive pop-ups, there is a reason to believe that affected internet software is under the control of adware. There are adware that specific on targeting internet programs running under Mac OS and UpdaterSync is just one of them.

How to Remove ProcessBrand (Mac)

It is very unusual for normal internet program to display excessive pop-up ads especially if the contents are for the promotion of unwanted programs or services. Thus, if these kind of persistent advertisements start to show up on the computer screen, particularly browser programs, it might be a sign of adware infection.