Adware are computer programs that normally setup inside the system with minimal consent from the user. In most instances, adware purports to be a useful application that has sole intention of gaining profit in various ways. Adware is usually deployed through the use of third-party programs.

Remove AssistSample – Mac Adware

The AssistSample adware for Mac OS is an adaptation of previous variants like ExpandedProgram and OperativeFraction. As you can see, this type of adware was practically developed to infiltrate browser program and carry out unwanted unauthorized changes to support its purpose.

Remove PlatformFormat (Mac OS)

PlatformFormat application for Mac is a known type of potentially unwanted program (PUP). It operates in the computer with the main intention of displaying intrusive advertisements such as pop-ups, redirects, banners, and push notifications.

How to Remove Unitab

As soon as Unitab adware arrives in the computer, it quickly attacks internet browser program, particularly the widely used ones like Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. There will be no sign that this undesirable program is establishing itself on the computer because people behind Unitab planned this procedure to be hidden.

How to remove HorizonElite (Mac)

HorizonElite can trick many Mac users by promoting itself as useful browser extension that improves online browsing and searching experience. Hence, we can confirm that HorizonElite app belongs to a large group of adware where intrusive entry technique is commonly used to become an element of internet program.

How to Remove CentralGeo (Mac)

CentralGeo is an adware that infects browser programs operating on Mac OS environment. This threat was observed to have intrusive attributes and can get inside internet program even without the approval of Mac user. Once it is installed as browser extension, Mac users will begin to encounter various distractions like pop-up ads and redirects forcing …

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Remove ExpandedSystem (Mac Adware)

ExpandedSystem is a Mac adware that normally spreads via malicious software bundles including freeware, pirated apps, and bogus software update. Once it is inside the computer, users are going to experience various kinds of distractions including excessive display of pop-up advertisements and browser redirects.

Remove VibeProfile (Mac Adware)

A suspicious application called VibeProfile was made with the sole intention of infecting Mac systems especially internet programs running on this device. The makers of this malware are promoting it as an enhancement tool for the browser, claiming that after installation, Mac user may experience significant improvement on their online browser and searching activities.

How to Remove AdjustableRotator (Mac OS)

Because the internet is flooded with significant amount of adware and dubious browser extensions, Mac users are getting confuse whether the app being offered is legitimate or just part of potentially unwanted application (PUA) family.

OpticalTransaction Adware Removal Guide

OpticalTransaction is a potentially unwanted application (PUA). It is also classified as adware that targets internet browser programs operating on Mac OS environment. Once installed, this threat can produce massive amount of advertisements that can distract Mac users online browsing.

Remove GeneralDisplay (Mac Adware)

GeneralDisplay adware is a computer threat that was made to inflict unwanted changes on internet browser program that exist on Mac OS. Initially, it is promoted as a browser extension that enhances online browsing and searching experience of Mac user.