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Remove Vudu Search (Google Chrome)

Vudu Search is an extension for Google Chrome browser that asserts to let user easily switch between favorite search engines right at homepage and new tab pages. After installation, this program will alter settings on the browser to control homepage and default search engine. Apart from custom search provider, Vudu Search will include own tool bar item for quick access. Read more »

Remove RunSpeedCheck (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome browser extension titled RunSpeedCheck is considered one of the many potentially unwanted program (PUP) that belongs to family of adware. This extension asserts as free tool to quickly check internet speed right at the homepage and new tab window. In addition, RunSpeedCheck also promises to enhance user’s online search experience. It normally enters the system while taking advantage of freeware and third-party applications currently offered on various websites. Read more »

How to Remove Parazipper (Mac)

Parazipper is an ad-supported program that is targeting Macintosh-based internet browser application such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Its appearance on the browser is a clear indication that intrusion has happened while installing freeware. Read more »

Remove Music Search Tool

Google Chrome browser extension titled Music Search Tool is considered one of the many unwanted program that belongs to family of adware. This time, it claims to provide user with easy search function right at the address bar of their browser program. It can sneak onto the computer while taking advantage of free software currently offered on various websites. Read more »

How to Remove Maconomi (Mac)

Maconomi is an ad-supported program that runs under Macintosh systems. It is endorsed as everyday valuable tool for busy computer users. Maconomi claims to let user do so many things right at their desktop. It features includes online search, file conversion, currency exchange, calculator, and many more. Read more »

Remove RecipeSearch (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari)

RecipeSearch is another MyWay creation that is ineffective to browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. It is promoted as extension that is helpful in searching the internet for tasty recipes including appetizers, mouth-watering entrees, desserts, and many more. Read more »

Remove FreeShoppingTool (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari)

FreeShoppingTool is a doubtful extension that severely affects browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. It claims to provide users with latest coupons, deals, discounts, savings, and many more online shopping bargains. The delivery method used by its creator is through software bundles. This means that users are normally unaware on the arrival of FreeShoppingTool on their computer. Read more »